In August, the best of cinema arrives at Studio Universal

From August 17 to 20 from 8pm MEX/COL/PR and 10pm ARG/CHI, Studio Universal begins a new month in the company of the best film titles. Passionate stories that navigate a variety of genres converge in one place to guarantee quality entertainment and conquer the moviegoing audience.

Here is the list of upcoming movies:

Wednesday August 17 8pm MEX/COL/PR and 10pm ARG/CHI

The film tells the story of Samuel, a young businessman who travels through the Wild West with the intention of meeting Penelope, the woman he loves, and marrying her. To do this he recruits a pastor, Parson Henry, who must officiate the happy couple’s wedding. Samuel does not stop singing the virtues of his fiancée during the trip, showing her companion the image of Penelope that he treasures in a medallion. But when they finally arrive at the farm where she should receive them, the scene they find is anything but welcoming.

Brothers David and Nathan Zellner direct and write this western comedy starring Robert Pattinson (“Twilight”) and Mia Wasikowska (“Crimson Peak”).

Thursday August 18 8pm MEX/COL/PR and 10pm ARG/CHI

Vita and Virginia are two of the most fascinating and progressive women of their time. Their agonizing love affair will forever determine their lives and their work. Chanya Button directs this film that tells the true story of pioneering British writer Virginia Woolf, considered one of the foremost figures of 20th-century avant-garde Anglo-Saxon modernism and international feminism, and her enigmatic lover Vita Sackville. The actress and screenwriter Eillen Atkins Gosford Park) has been in charge of writing the script, which is based on the play of the same name that premiered in New York 25 years ago. Elizabeth Debicki The Great Gatsby) and Gemma Arterton (Murder Mystery) lead the leading duo as the famous writer and her lover, respectively.

Friday August 19 8pm MEX/COL/PR and 10pm ARG/CHI

Ernest Toller is an ex-military man and chaplain who, after the death of his son in the Iraq War and the separation from his wife, is completely devastated. The church in a small town in upstate New York becomes his refuge as a reverend, feeling guilty for having encouraged and supported his son to enlist in the army. To try to clear his thoughts, he will begin to write in a diary all the dark things that go through his mind.

In his work as a priest, he meets Mary, a woman who, after becoming pregnant, suffers from her husband’s rejection of the child, prioritizing her activism in the fight to combat climate change that threatens the planet. Toller will be the couple’s counselor and thanks to this he will begin to radicalize his evangelist ideology.

paul schrader (“Dog Eat Dog”) directs this film starring Ethan Hawke (“Valérian et la Cité des mille planètes”), amanda seyfried (“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again”), Michael Gaston (“The Leftovers”), Victoria Hill (“Macbeth”) and Cedric the Entertainer (“Madagascar”).

Saturday August 20 8pm MEX/COL/PR and 10pm ARG/CHI

Max, Lucas and Thor are three boys who, at 12 years old, are at the end of childhood and the beginning of adolescence. The trio become very curious as to why people kiss. In the middle of such an important investigation, the friends use the drone of one of their parents that ends up accidentally breaking. Now, the not so children will begin a crazy adventure to replace the device with a new one, before the adults get home.

Lee Eisenberg (“Hello Ladies”) and Gene Stupintsky (“Bad Teacher”) direct this film, starring Jacob Tremblay (“Doctor Sleep”), Keith L Williams (“Kidding”) and Brady Noon (“Broadwalk Empire”). The film is produced by seth roden (“Black Monday”).


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