In Fortnite, Lady Gaga has a good reason for Kesha to play at the first premiere party

After The Weeknd, it’s Lady Gaga’s tour. He is collaborating with the game Fortnite on this development as well. On February 22 and April 22, 2024, players and fans of the singer will take part in Fortnite Festival, a rhythm game mode (see below). Guitar Hero) based on the Lady Gaga universe, as you can see in the video ci-dessous.

Ironie du sort car in 2019, the artist at the origins Poker Face Post on Twitter to request: “Qu’est-ce que c’est Fortnight?” (sic)”. Two days before the debut of Season 2, Lady Gaga correctly responded to her tweet and posted a video. A beautiful way to announce the association with Epic Games.

In this game mode, players have the opportunity to acquire the appearance of a superstar and collect the items they have and music along with the singer. For example, one of the songs available in the boutique is Gaga’s Chromatica, created by creator Cecilio Castillo for the album. Chromatic varieties in 2020.

Epic GamesEpic Games

Epic Games

Kesha in Fortnite

Lady Gaga’s influence was not yet a plus; the first musician became the place of neophytes in the game. This is the house of Kesha, the translator TIK Tak and etc. Your love is my drug, who participates in photos from the first premiere party on social networks. Elle who doesn’t « never turned on the video “It’s the shock of failure.

“I’ve never played a new video in my life, but I’m ready! »

“Oh mon Dieu, je chute! »

This is not a Fortnite premiere made up of singers. For the premiere season of the Fortnite festival, which debuts in December 2023, the Weeknd will have a poster and players will exclusively release a clip from Popular. Earlier than ever there were concerts that took place in my house. In 2020, Travis Scott will be produced by 12 million players, as Ariana Grande, Aya Nakamura or Eminem will soon appear in the game.

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VIDEO – Lady Gaga’s Minute

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