In front of the mirror, Michelle Salas raises the temperature with her curves

A few days ago, Michelle Salas was in our country visiting her relatives, especially her grandmother. And although the reasons were not entirely clear, today we know that this visit also had the purpose of celebrating her 33rd birthday, which she celebrated on June 13.

for the celebration, Michelle, who has lived in Spain for a few years, chose the beaches of Puerto Escondido as a setting, since the vibe that this area of ​​Oaxaca has has everything to do with the mood of the parties that he had in mind. Although she has not shared any details of the celebration on her social networks, where she accumulates almost 2 million followers, it is known that the preparations were carried out by a great friend of the influencer, Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios de Gutiérrez.

Michelle Salas, The daughter of the singer Luis Miguel and Stephanie Salas had guests from all over the world, who gave her a great festive moment. Among those present at this fun meeting were Camila Valero, Salas’s sister, and friends such as Xavi de la Mora, Fernanda Medina, Mariana Cantú, Priscila Melgosa and Gabriela Medina.

After his first hours at the age of 33, michelle halls He was present on social networks with a large number of Instagram stories, where he was all the rage posing in front of the mirror with different outfits. In addition, he showed that he is not hungry and that he disliked various dishes.

in the stories, michelle halls I show her curves and well-cared figure, with a simple outfit consisting of a white top, baggy pants, sunglasses and a green hat. Undoubtedly, Luismi’s daughter knows how to show herself among Internet users who make her feel unique.

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