In Landerneau, Adele is the first child of 2024.

He worked long and aura all night. Adele en pointe at Laderno Maternity Hospital, 11:00 10, January 1, 2024. The miniature russet weighs 3.10 kg. “L’accouchement s’est déroulé avec de la musique et trois roulements de sages-femmes,” explains l’heureuse maman, Morgane Jezequel, 37 years old. “This is our third child, after 11-year-old Noemi and 7-year-old Milian, who are also here,” says father Dylan Patinetz. A couple living in Landerneau say: “About the opening of a Parisian evening. We know whether Adele will become a “bebé reveillon” or a “bébé premier de l’An”. He said: “C’est une petite star qui veut être dans Le Télégramme!” Ça n’a pas loupé.”

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