In light of the new trend, Hailey Bieber received the honor of sequins at the holiday.

Who does Hailey Bieber want to shine with the most beautiful trend of the year? After popularizing the “glazed donut nails” manicure, the “strawberry makeup” and “espresso makeup” inspiration, mannequin and entrepreneur, this is the best passion prize for the “Sugar Plum Fairy”.

“When you are 16 years old, you drag an image into Casse-Noisette… Voici ma version 2023 de ce maquillage. Mon ambiance de prédilection pour les fêtes de fin d’année! “, find the American celebrity in the legend of her Instagram video, Visionnée plus 20 million fois. Elle y Presente, en un peu plus d’une Minute, this beauty that is necessary for the application of sequins and other sparkling details. Two incredible events this year, 2023, plus special end of year holidays.

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Master class “Sugar Plum Fairy”

More details, comment reproduces “Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup”? If Hailey Bieber’s master class is suitable, it will begin with relaxation (as they are used to) in nature and in fluorescent lighting. After applying the antiseptic, Americans apply rouge and apply a nice dose to the litters, and also lightly apply to the paupiers. Lesquelles sont ensuite restores micro-sequins, adds shine to give shine, just like the exact words in the video.

The young woman achieved beauty with a touch of glitter to the sky, some false touches to the hair and marron eyeliner when it was done for an encore, plus glitter with glitter. Despite the presence of sequins, il faut reconnaître que cette mise en beauté sort des Sentiers battus at this time of year, ne serait-ce parce qu’elle ne privilégie pas un teint très travaillé et qu’elle demeure Finalement très naturallle.

Makeup that will help, arouse interest, and promote the top American woman to the level of influence on beauty among the advantages of the popular generation.

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