In the biggest mistake of Italian justice, a man was acquitted after spending 33 years in prison

The pastor was accused of the death of three people in a family in 1991. After being in jail for more than three decades, he has now been acquitted and released. A witness admitted years later that he had never seen the defendant at the crime scene.


Beniamino Zuncheddu was a shepherd from Sardinia. Victim of the largest miscarriage of justice in Italian history. On Saturday, January 27, the Rome Court of Appeal acquitted a man who spent almost 33 years in prison The Crime He Didn’t Commit: The Sinai Massacre.

What happened in the Sinai massacre?

Zuncheddu was 26 in January 1991, when a Triple murder inside sheep pen In Cinnai, a municipality near Cagliari. He was arrested in February and a fourth victim, Luigi Pinna, was arrested. survived the attack Despite his injuries and only witness, accused him of the murder of three shepherds Gesuino Fadda, his son Giuseppe and Ignazio Puceddu. Based on this testimony, Zuncheddu was largely He has been sentenced to life imprisonment In June 1992, despite his repeated claims that he had nothing to do with it.

Turning point in Zuncheddu case

In 2017, lawyer Mauro Trogu took over the case and began an investigation. The lawyer searched extensively Facts That Didn’t Add Up, These findings were sufficient start a new test In 2020. The turning point came when Pinna, who effectively sent Juncheddu behind bars, He admitted that he had never seen the face Beniamino’s Nor attacker’s, since it was covered. The witness said that a police officer showed him Juncheddu’s photograph and insisted that he was the killer. “I made a mistake by listening to the wrong person,” Pinna said. The prosecution, which was based almost exclusively on the identification of “suspects”, was a complete failure.

Zuncheddu freed after 33 years

Beniamino was released in November last year after the court suspended his sentence. Last Saturday, the judges finally announced that Juncheddu had passed Almost 33 years in jail for no reason. “It’s the end of a nightmare,” the pastor cried. After the sentencing, applause continued for a long time in the court room. At present it is not clear whether Juncheddu will get it or not Compensation What will happen to those unjustly convicted or to the police officer and why did he force the witness to point to Zuncheddu.

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