In the DR in 2023, inflation was recorded at 3.57% – El Nacional

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic’s consumer price index (CPI) was 0.54% in December, while last year’s inflation was 3.57%, the Central Bank (BCRD) reported on Wednesday.

Inflation was slightly below the central target range of 4.0% ± 1.0%.

In its statement, the issuing bank also explained that annualized core inflation stood at 4.32% at the end of 2023, remaining within its target.

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This indicator “allows clearer signals to be drawn for the conduct of monetary policy because it excludes some items that do not typically respond to monetary or liquidity conditions in the economy,” such as food with large price fluctuations, fuel or electricity tariffs. added in note.

In turn, he emphasized that since May 2023, the Dominican Republic “has achieved inflation approaching the target range, becoming one of the first countries in Latin America to achieve this goal.”

The BCRD attributed these results to “effective coordination of monetary and fiscal policies, the former maintaining liquidity levels and interest rates consistent with price stability, and the latter avoiding, if international imported fuel prices rise, being passed on to consumers.” .

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