In the video, Salma Hayek explains how she covers her gray hair with a mask.

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In a video posted on Instagram, the actress shows unusual techniques that allow you to disguise gray hair in a matter of seconds without resorting to coloring.

Comme Andie MacDowell, Sharon Stone or Hilarie Burton, Salma Hayek are part of those people who wear dark white hair. However, if she doesn’t give up nature with those silver swords in society, the actress admits that she will need to resort to certain disguise methods or hard work.

Indeed, in a video published on Instagram on March 27, the hero of the film Frida Partage l’une de ses technique for temporary concealment ses greyonnates racines entre deux colores. “Regardez all ces cheveux blancs”, a spear on a board on camera, a look at a white peignoir and glamorous makeup, in montrant les dépigmentées dans sa chevelure brune. “Alors que est le secret? Comment faire pour les couvrir temporairement sans avoir à les teindre? When I have a toute seule hairstyle, I use mascara. You’re fine (la brosse) because you do what I do, ceci”, explain-t-elle, imitating an eyebrow sur ses cheveux gris avec ce qui semble être le mascara Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes de Charlotte Tilbury Beauty. “And all the kids are rebels non seulement deviennent noires, moreover, they restent bien plaquees,” assures T-el.

Capillary makeup

On this day, Father François-Henri Pinault could not find his own advice, and then he became an assistant to the London hairdresser Miguel Martin Perez, who is responsible for the fact that he is the meme de Teindre ses racines à l’ assistant to the assistant another tool. As shown in the images, the expert used L’Oréal Professionnel’s Hair Touch Up Temporary Touch Up Spray, an ephemeral color product that lasts for several washes. “C’est comme appliquer du maquillage sur les cheveux”, for Salma Hayek, in honor of the merits of this question: “Vous voyez, je n’ai pas à faire des retouches toutes les Three semaines.”

At the end of the video, the 57-year-old producer clarifies that her gray hair is “not crazy, but rather “parfois, il faut worker avec des gens que cela dérange”…

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