In Ukraine there are babies that nobody picks up

Infants who were born through surrogate wombs are being refugees in hotels and underground metro stations amid bombing in Ukraine. Due to the closure of borders, the parents of these children have not been able to enter to look for them, much less take them out of the country to a safer place.

In Ukraine, surrogacy is a service provided by various companies as it is legal in the country. Unlike other places in Europe like Germany or Francewhere the legal barriers are much more demanding.

Many parents who have not been able to gestate choose to do so in ukrainian territory because the prices are lower than in the United States.

According to a chronicle published by ‘The New York Times’, the belly for rent costs an average of USD 15 thousand. In Ukraine, the minimum salary hovers around $3,500.

How to reunite parents and children

However, the problem lies – or one of several problems – in that these newborn infants have not been able to reunite with the parents who hired this service.

Due to the closed borders, any foreigner who wants to enter Ukraine must request a special permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

They also face having to return to countries where the national status of babies is not clear, since in most countries of Western Europe Those who paid for surrogacy are not recognized as the child’s parents. According to a report by the ‘BBC’ radio station on this phenomenon, published in the midst of strict quarantines in the pandemic, the parents, being sperm donors, are they can be recognized as the parents of the newborns. But for mothers it is necessary that, upon arrival in the country of residence, they go through the process of legal adoption.

In the same report it was recognized that this service is common in the Eastern European country due to the levels of poverty in their population. Surrogate mothers

A reporter from ‘The New York Times’ spoke with one of the women who provided the surrogacy service. Her name is Anna, but her last name has remained anonymous in order to give her testimony.

“I really don’t want to give it up, but I have to save two lives,” the Ukrainian explained.

She means that she must find some way to save herself, the baby in her womb, and her nine-year-old son. In the middle of the war which began on February 24, her husband is one of the volunteer soldiers who have armed themselves to defend their country from the Russian onslaught.

The parents of the child she is carrying in the womb come from China, but they have not been able to enter Ukraine due to the conflict.

“I hope that by the time I have to give birth, the war will be over,” she said.

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