Inappropriate image leaked into ESPN’s live broadcast

Euphoria over an American college football game in New Orleans, USA, exceeded acceptable levels, and ESPN cameras captured an inappropriate image during a special broadcast of the event. .sport at the beginning of the year known as the Sugar Bowl.

During a tour of historic Bourbon Street, in the heart of the city’s French Quarter, crowds celebrated the championship won by the Washington Huskies. However, outdoor footage showed a woman pulling down her top to reveal some of her bare breasts; and while those in charge of the broadcast appear to have ignored this detail, social media users were responsible for immortalizing the moment within minutes, forcing the company to apologize for the oversight.

The awkward, inappropriate moment only lasted a couple of seconds and it is believed the woman was trying to get the attention of someone else present. “We are sorry this happened and apologize for the airing of the video,” ESPN spokesman Bill Hofheimer told The Associated Press.

The footage was seen on television after ESPN returned from a commercial break with wide shots of Bourbon Street. According to the website The Big Lead, the incident was broadcast on television very late at night, around 11:30 pm, but while most of those genuinely interested in the sporting event were already asleep, there were others who were still looking at their screens with interest. .

It is still unknown with certainty whether the secret material transmitted was “live” or B-roll, that is, pre-recorded material that did not have an appropriate filter; However, some people believe that those in charge should have been more careful than what they shared with the public. “No apology necessary,” “Maybe that’s what they were looking for,” “Am I the only one who saw that woman drop her blouse on ESPN on Bourbon Street?” – such comments were published on the social network X (ex Twitter).

Reports indicate that, contrary to what many expected, the broadcaster will receive a fine because ESPN is not under the jurisdiction of the FCC, so it is unlikely to be sanctioned.

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