Inbiomotion closes third distribution agreement for breast cancer test

The biotech company, owned by Ysios, Aliath and Caixa Capital Risc, agrees to distribute its products in the UK and Ireland with Souce Bioscience.

Inbiomotion just closed its third distribution deal in just a few months. Biotech company took part Isios, Aliath Bioventures and Caixa Capital Risc entered into an alliance with Source Bioscience distribute the MAF Test, a diagnostic system to facilitate breast cancer treatment, in the UK and Ireland. Potential business of this product of 1,000 million euros in the first ten yearsaccording to industry estimates.

spin off belonging Barcelona Institute of Biomedical Research (IRBB) And Icrea signed a similar agreement just two months ago with Scientific group to distribute its products in sub-Saharan Africa, and six months ago it entered into an alliance with Palex Medical for distribution in Spain and Portugal

“Our priority now is to get as many doctors as possible familiar with our technology,” explains Ysios founding partner and company president. Joël Jean-Maire. The company is currently considering other distribution agreements.

Founded in 2012 Roger Gomis, the current chief scientific officer, the biotech company will begin billing for the first time this year after completing its entire clinical phase. “We have good growth forecasts and positive cash flow this year,” says Jean-Maire, who prefers not to disclose whether negotiations are underway to sell the company.

The Inbiomotion test is not aimed at diagnosing the disease, but at selecting patients. who may benefit from bisphosphonate treatment. This family of drugs is indicated for other conditions, but doctors know that it can be effective as adjuvant therapy for non-metastatic breast cancer. The problem is that in many other patients its use is counterproductive and can increase metastasis to vital organs. Until the date Health care workers had no way of knowing how each patient would react.

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