Incidents outside Congress: Government to condemn protesters who broke tiles and set fire to containers

Voting in deputies took place after 6 pm on the project promoted by the executive. He received a majority of positive votes after three days of debate.

there are about 20 prisoners there

The total number of people detained during the incidents, in which some property in the city of Buenos Aires was damaged, has increased to 19 after the latest disturbances recorded in the past few hours.

Meanwhile, after the situation comes under control, security personnel will remain around the Congress in case of any incident.

Waldo Wolff: “Every prisoner is now subject to justice”

People arrested after the riots around Congress (Photo: @WolffWaldo)
People arrested after the riots around Congress (Photo: @WolffWaldo)

Buenos Aires Security Minister, waldo wolfeThe condition of those detained was later cited. george macri Announced that criminal charges would be filed against those who damaged public property in the city of Buenos Aires. “Every prisoner is now subject to justice,” he said.

Regarding the criminal actions being presented, Wolfe indicated that “all the filming and technical equipment of the city is at the disposal of justice to identify and prosecute these criminals.”

Tension has reduced, but Congress faces problems

The events around the Congress stopped and security agents maintained some police cordon around the Congress. Vehicles move normally, but traffic is closed in Rivadavia and Callao.

Along with this, some self-organized people were present with their utensils in front of Vidhan Bhawan to reject the omnibus law.

The police wanted to enable circulation and there are two more new detainees

Federal police tried to enable traffic around Congress and disperse protesters. However, tensions escalated and two other people were arrested. Thus, the total number of people arrested will increase to seven.

Mauricio Macri mentioned the riots in the city

former president mauricio macri Joins the list of politicians who mentioned the riots buenos aires cityWhere protesters broke tiles and set fire to containers in the Buenos Aires area.

“The violent people who intend to destroy the city and the organizations behind the riots will have to answer to criminal prosecutions,” he said through his X account and supported the measure announced by the head of the Buenos Aires government. In that sense, he considered it “put an end to the impunity with which he has conducted himself until now.”

number of prisoners increases

Although the situation seemed to be under control, incidents continued around the Congress. Security forces tried to control the situation and the number of people detained increased. Five people have been arrested so far on the third day of the incident.

George Macri announced that he would criminally prosecute those who destroyed city property

Head of Government of Buenos Aires, george macriannounced that it had instructed the Ministers of Security and Justice, as well as the Attorney General of CABA, to “initiate criminal prosecutions against all people and organizations that were part of the aggression and destruction of the city’s property.”

“In addition, we will claim the costs of this damage from the pockets of all taxpayers of Buenos Aires,” he expressed during a statement published on his X account.

Riots reactivated and one person was arrested

After the tension around Congress subsided, new disturbances were registered around Congress. The soldiers advance on the protesters and there is a new prisoner. The situation was brought under control within a few minutes.

In the midst of the operation, pepper spray was sprayed in the faces of some journalists working to cover the events.

Security Ministry to criminally condemn protesters who led riots

The Security Minister, Patricia Bullrich, announced that she would criminally prosecute the protesters who led the riot. This is because a group of people set garbage containers on fire and broke tiles to throw at the police.

“We will file a criminal complaint and ask them to identify all those who pelted stones, burnt public property, destroyed everything on the way and attacked police officers. I congratulate the professionalism of the federal forces. Organizations will have to pay for losses incurred and operating expenses. “Whoever makes them gets paid for them,” Bullrich said.

Protestors set fire to containers and tiles at the door of Congress

Police officers began to advance against the protesters, who began setting fire to containers and breaking tiles to throw at security forces.

One of the protesters broke the tiles

The riots began as the omnibus legislation was approved in Congress and is expected to resume discussion next Tuesday specifically for a vote. Amid the confrontation, police arrested a man who identified himself as a journalist.

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