Indian gang rape writer These are the culprits of the gang rape of a Spanish influential person in India

officers of India has confirmed the arrest of Three of men involved in gang rape to a Spanish ‘influencer’ last Friday, according to local media reports. vincent And FernandoA couple, who have been sharing their travel experiences for over five years through the Instagram profile @vueltaalmundoenmoto, were attacked during their camping trip in the district. DumkaIn the east of the Asian country.

However, after being taken to the hospital, the couple out of danger -As he himself explained through a statement in video format broadcast on social networks – the police are still searching four suspects, who fled after the attack, has already been identified. According to the newspaper ‘The Times of India’, between eight and ten The men assaulted the girl and dragged her to an inaccessible place.

With her arrest and subsequent rape confession, those involved will now face punishment life imprisonment,

“There is no need to generalize”

The victims want to take advantage of their platform on the social network to defend India, whose external image has been tarnished following media news of the gang rape: “Don’t think that India is like this. India is a great country and worth visiting, with its good things and its bad things. This is an event and it should not remind us of a bad country,” Vicente begins. “Indianos’ (Indians) are good peopleWe have encountered some undesirables, but There is no need to generalize” adds Fernanda.

Then he also shared with his 243,000 The followers have an image of one of the fugitives “more aggressive”, They have done so through the publication of a history in which, in addition, they also ask for the cooperation of “Friend” of India to find it.

security in asia

The couple has defended themselves through another statement critics Many users on the network, who commented that “He asked for it” While traveling to the country where the events occurred. “This, rape, robbery, can happen to you, your brother, your mother or your daughter, everyone. No one in any country in the world is free from it., it happened in spain…How many times?” Fernanda defended.

“Most people are very nice, and there are a lot of More security in Asia than in Europe Or America, we can guarantee it,” Vicente said.

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