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Greetings, avid reader! This 2024 announcement debut is not intended for specific guests who will be upheaval in the cultural world during this week. Between the disparity of the media musical “Pitchfork”, the nomination of Sylvain Tesson in “Princesses of the Poets” and the non-venue of the Minister of Culture of the BIS in Nantes, tout porte à croire que l’année nera pas évidente. Heureusement, some forays such as “celle d’un jeu”, by Indiana Jones, “feront sourire plus d’un”! Pour en savoir plus, decorate this week’s recap.

Kote cinema,

  • The organizers of the 74th Berlinale, which will take place from February 15 to 25, 2024 in Berlin, will announce the long-running film on January 18. You will also be able to watch the avant-garde premiere of the film by Belgian director Tim Mylants – Little things like that – with fashionable actor Cillian Murphy. Pendant Une plongée en plein cœur de l’Irlande du Nord les années, 1980.
  • If you are there in advance, they will penetrate the cultural environment. This time, look to the Sundance Film Festival, where you can see Kristen Stewart, Pedro Pascal and… artificial intelligence! In fact, for this new release, which was released on January 28 at Utah Station, the independent film festival and documentary produced by Robert Redford, voit de nombreux films en lice aborder le sujet de l’IA. There are two documents about the retrover notament: Love Machine and etc. Eternal you.

Kote Series,

  • Alors than Amazon Prime series List of terminals At the encore of the second season, the platform confirmed the start of production on the prequel: List of terminalsdark Wolf. This new series will focus on the characters played by Ben Edwards and James Rees respectively. Taylor Kitsch and etc. Chris Pratt.
  • Every week on the night of the 15th Monday, the 75th Emmy Awards ceremony will take place, dedicated to the best achievements of American television.. Moreover, with all the attention, celle-ci a été Visionnée en Direct par seulement 4.3 million television viewers, contre 5.9 million l’année dernière. Is this the baisse de plus de 1.5 million people est-elle signe d’un desintérêt de la part du public? Quoiqu’il en soit, obliged to confirm its recognition after a year, the Emmy Awards became the best among television viewers, and this led to them becoming people plus (il faut rappeler qu’en 2000, l’emission enregistrait 21.8 million TV viewers).
© Amazon Prime Video / Chris Pratt, Taylor Kitsch

Kote game video,

  • After 13 hours of absence from consoles, video games Top skin fait enfin, they are making a great comeback! To appreciate the features of this little yellow ball on a rectangular terrain, click on 2K Wind de Devoiler to see the main teaser of a 15-second film about the making of the piece Top skin 2k25. If the second quels are not enough to complete the game, then they are enough to last the spirits. Quand aux Détails de Distribution – departure date, board – ceux-ci devront visitre encore un peu…
  • Voila – a creation that will excite fans of the famous adventurer Indiana Jones. Anyway, my video Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle Post your first gameplay images. Announced in 2021, the game was developed by MachineGames and released by Bethesda in 2024. Immerse yourself in the spirit of First Man in adventure exploration and mystery! And for those who especially appreciate Harrison Ford’s dubbing for the French version, I’ll tell you how Richard Darbois’s comedy exploded for heavenly acting!

Kote music,

  • Pour la prochain fête des femmes le 8 mars prochain, Ariana Grande sorts new album Eternal Sunshine ! In her Instagram post, the singer announced ce mercredi 17 – the album “sortie de son septième”. The most faithful auditors will return after 2020, since the focus of the event is: more than 4 million. Pour ce qui est dutre de this album, il semblerait qu’il soit une une reference Direct au Film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry.
  • Condé-Nast media announced on January 17 the merger of the website Pitchfork and the men’s fashion magazine GQ.. A choice that inevitably changes the imbalance of the most important actors in American music criticism. This is a note sent to the editors and editors of Condé Nast and Vogue editor Anna Wintour, both members of Pischfork, regarding the release of the project. Anna Wintour’s statement, published in the Sur X suite, mentions the reasons for this choice: ” This decision to present this award was made after taking a moment to evaluate Pitchfork’s performances and our thoughts on being the best in a world where the art of music can continue to thrive in its enterprise.“.

Kote literature,

  • Comme chaque année aura leu en mars le Printemps des Poètes (from 9 to 25 March 2024 in Paris). In this 25th edition of “Ecrivan and the essayist Sylvain Tesson” is the name of Parrin, a competition for the selection of great actors of the French cultural scene that takes into account his “reaction to icon”. In fact, the newspaper Tribune, published by Libération, has more than 600 poets, editors, librarians and members of expribu leur opposition: “Our new revelations against the nomination of Sylvain Tesson and the demands of engravings of poets and refuseniks”.
  • Ça nous poursuit, encore et toujours (et dire qu’on en est qu’au début). Rie Kudan, author and winner of the Akutagawa Prize, Japan’s most prestigious literary prize, admits that they are partly écrit par… ChatGPT! Ce mercredi janvier 17, alors que le prix lui est décerné, she will explain what is needed « use IA’s full potential to write this book“. These are futuristic works Tokyo-do Dojo-to it turns out 5% of this artificial intelligence. Select it, ChatGPT, to get permission “unleash your creativity”.

Kote glasses,

  • New Movez are multiplying for the sake of culture. Alors que les BIS (Biennales du Spectacle Vivant) in Nantes turned 20 this week, the new Minister of Culture Rachida Dati did not have time to start work on site. The absence of a competitor and a remark about the ensemble of the section of the play, live and qui en dit long sur les années à come… Il faut dire que c’est la première fois depuis leur création qu’un.e, minister of culture ne fait pas displacement. Martina Ritz, a participant in the CGT performance, speaks ironically about this: “Our friends prefer tenderness with our previous ministers, but more than anything else, plus a loin in a steam table.”. Come quoi, surprises every day…
  • Today’s announcement was made on the occasion of the move to Clichy-sous-Bois with Rachida Dati, Emmanuel Macron promised access to culture ” for free ” during JO 2024. The President is mentioned at his own request “open access to culture” These are all my Olympics pendants that offer a free offer for theatre, music and film. Minister of Culture Devwright ” come back in these weeks with a detailed program“.

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