Indiba cares for the welfare of animals and veterinarians with its innovative VETposium.

The company invites you to attend this extraordinary symposium on February 2, 2024, which will bring together concepts to significantly improve the lives of pets and their caregivers. Registration is carried out via the web.

Indiba and K-Laser present VETposium, an event that can be defined as more than just a symposium. This is a meeting that discusses nutrition, neurology, pain management, holistic medicine, etc. These will be mixed to truly improve the welfare of the animals. Without also forgetting the well-being of people who care for pets. VETposium will take place next Friday, February 2, 2024, at Valkiria Hub Space (Barcelona) from 15:00 to 22:00. Those interested can reserve their place now using this link.

As a company obsessed with improving the well-being of both animals and people, Indiba has created this special event that brings all the specialties of companion animal medicine together under one tent and in one context: to effectively improve the quality of life of pets. , and help veterinarians take care of themselves.

Carlos Rodriguez, Rockstar veterinary program driver Like a dog and a cat and founder of the Mascoteros Veterinary Center, joins VETposium to share his knowledge with specialists such as Margarita Lopez, Neus Candela, Maria Suarez, Diego Villalain, Gabriel Carbonell and Eva Vidal.

Participants will receive a personal wellness kit, ready-to-use protocols and tips to help not only improve the quality of their treatment, but also better manage the challenges and mental health needs of their professional and personal lives. And, as if that weren’t enough, participants will be able to participate in a draw for two ambassador positions: one for Indiba and the other for K-Laser, for a period of one year.

Another new addition to the first edition of VETposium is that Virbac’s Movoflex is joining as a special partner, as Indiba is committed to integrative medicine and the use of increasingly natural products, especially for chronic diseases.

Movoflex Soft Chews contain a unique and complete formula of high quality, synergistic ingredients that support joint health and mobility in dogs of all ages.

And all this in the company of colleagues, good music and delicious food. Don’t miss out and buy your ticket here.


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