Indochina, Nick Cave, Dua Lipa, Rihanna… 10 albums that will reach us the most in 2024

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Soixante – six years ago, the Australian artist is at his reception today. If the announcement of 2023 will be marked by a US tour with Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood and a sort of Foi, Hope and Carnage, entertainment prizes with Sean O’Hagan, then 2024 will be the birth of a discographic comeback with The Bad Seeds. . On his blog The Red Hand Files, Nick Cave realized that this was the best time to write following the success of Spooks (2019). As soon as you need to get away from the sound of the sound, the dial does not go forward on the guitars. “Il y aura beaucoup d’energie mais elle ne s’exprimera pas dans la trade of rock groupe.” Official departure date.


In September 2021, lorsque nous avions interviewed Nikola Sirkis in the ICP studio at the showcase of the free concert in Indochina at the Grand Place de Brussels, Oli De Saet directed a few centimeters of our new chanson. “Without pretense, this is the name of the potency of our amener, it’s just the “highest time,” Nikola clarified. “We like to envy an album that imports people from the premiere.” On Christmas Eve, Indochina broadcast a video of its program “Réseaux sociaux qui laissait peu de doute”. The success of “13” (2017) will be released this year. Reste à savoir quand.


Visit January 26th. “Radio Kitchen” is an EP from the six-title album plutôt qu’un. It’s more like a bomb. Mariant Song approaches craft pop with new tools of communication, Puggy is a son in love with Never Give Up, a positivity-boosting single and resilience anthem. The song appears on the track listing for “Radio Kitchen”, which also opens a collaboration with Yseult (Lost Child). I registered in the kitchen (from the name) of Puggy’s ixellois “Radio Kitchen” studio to this mix from NK. F. (Damso, NLP). Three page interview.

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Dua Lipa

The British-Albanian artist will take part this year. In the absence of the single Houdini and Barbie’s BO, which shone with Dance The Night, Dua Lipa will appear on the poster of the action film Argyle. This is also the announcement of a three studio album, which will be produced by Mark Ronson. Official departure date. For abseiling, Dua Lipa was produced at Rock Verchter on July 6th.

Cold game

Chris Martin and his band ont déja devoile have won the success of “Music Of The Spheres” (2021). The new album is called “Moon Music” and is almost ready. Coldplay invited their fans to sing the song One World. Pas de date de sally.


In 2016, “A Disco/Pop/Punk Road Trip Across America” ​​was singer Beth Ditto’s favorite writer. The Real Power, produced by Rick Rubin’s sister and released with lyrics from “Music For Men” in 2009, is available March 22.


Six years after A Little Dark Age, Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngarden revive current news in Losing a Life. In a retrospective featuring Christina and the queens called “Dancing in Babylon”. Outing on February 23rd.

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The Last Dinner Party

Big hype for 2024? Wait and see… Couronnées d’un Brit Award in the category “Revelation”, les cinq Anglaises de The Last Dinner Party, font l’objet de toutes les séculations au point d’etre déjà, considered by some some people as rock lovers. On verra a peu plus clair le le le 2 fevrier with the release of our premiere album “Prelude To Ecstasy”.

Lenny Kravitz

“Out of time.” “Explosive.” “Romance”. “Inspiring”. These are the four songs that Lenny Kravitz released on his 12th studio album, Blue Electric Light (2024), which will be released on March 15th. Lenny Kravitz will appear on Rock Werchter’s poster on July 4th, America’s National Day. In the context of the TK421 single, they decided that they would be heard well.


When he announced the release of his album “Songs Of Innocence” for three years, RiRi tore his fans apart. With rumors reminiscent of disco with dancehall and reggae accents, the Daily Mirror one day last October Rihanna signed a recording deal with Live Nation for the 2024 world tournament. songs for the publisher, but not for two albums. Fingers crossed…

Also also…

Romeo Elvis, “Echo” (12/1) • Green Day, “Saviors” (19/1) • Smile, “Wall of Eyes” (26/1) • Leskop, “Rêve parti” (2/2) • Idles, “Tangk” (16/2) • Noe Preshov, “Prehov” (16/2) • Whispering Sons, “The Great Calm” (2/23) • Olivia Ruiz, “Replica” (3/1) • The Libertines, “ All Quiet On The Eastern Esplanade” (8/3) and no date, Justice, Billie Eilish, Frances Cabrel, Orlain, Alice on the Roof, Clara Luciani…

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