Ines Hernand is not alone: ​​the artist who speaks out against Israeli genocide

Israel will be able to participate in Eurovision again this year. International Reviews The decision is not enough to force the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), organizer of a festival they describe as “apolitical”, to change its mind.

Ines Hernand, one of the presenters of Benidorm Fest, is one of the public figures who has recently spoken out against the contest’s decision. “I strongly condemn Israel’s attacks on the Gazan population,” he assured and then clarified his position: “I say this as a person who has his own opinion and who has no hesitation in saying it publicly. There is no objection because it is they who kill, not me.” ,

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To return.

In December 2023, Puerto Rican rapper Resident published a video on his network showing his support for Palestine and calling for an immediate ceasefire. He wrote on his Instagram account, “I understand there are people who don’t say anything because they don’t understand the conflict, but tell me, why do we need to understand that it’s so complicated?” Lack of sympathy from the stars Of music in relation to the Israeli siege.

Reviews from the next host country

Hernand’s statements at a press conference ahead of the festival this Tuesday have added to the criticism of other artists, singers and other public figures protesting against the massacre in Gaza. This happened over a thousand Swedish composers -Eurovision will be held in Malmö, Sweden from May 7 to 11. -He has sent a letter demanding a veto from Israel.

Statement published in the newspaper on January 29 Aftonbladet, Accusations against the organization of the festival and express similar views to Hernand regarding Eurovision: “It trivializes the violation of international law and makes sadness invisible of the victims”.

The singer’s name is also among those who signed the letter robin and group fever Ray, Besides, Eric Saade And Malena Ernmanwho represented Sweden at Eurovision in 2011 and 2009 respectively, have added their names to the statement.

The EBU’s response did not take long to arrive. The festival organization sent a statement to the same newspaper try to defend yourself From international critics: “We want to maintain the state of competition apolitical event Which unites audiences around the world through music.

The EBU has also expressed that this is a “competition for broadcasters”. “Not for governments”Clarifying that Israel would be able to participate because “it has been doing it for 50 years.”

From 7 October 2023, About 27,000 Palestinians have been killed, but the armed conflict began in the early years of the 20th century, long before the first Israeli representation in this political and musical competition. this shows that to be invisible Genocide is not just about today.

Ignoring the history of criticism

The festival organization has banned Russia from participating in 2022 in response to the invasion of Ukraine, but won’t do that This year with Israel, which also won in 2018.

Thus, many artists—particularly from Nordic countries like Finland—have asked their governments to speak out and decide not to participate. It should be remembered that the group of Icelandic representatives traveling to Tel Aviv at the time of hosting the competition punk rock Hatari was fined for displaying the Palestinian flag during voting.

singer mother of jesuswho participated in the same edition, did the same during his performance and did the same after Defendant on Israeli public television.

“This is a massacre and a genocide,” he said. ines hernand Last Tuesday, Axel Boman, dedicated to the music industry, joined other public voices from the host country such as Refused, DJ Seinfeld, Peder Mannerfelt and First Aid Kit.

Israel participated in this competition for the first time in 1973 and became the winner. The first non-European country to do so, Now, 51 years later, it seems that the organization will continue to ignore the genocide in Gaza and thus show its indirect support.


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