Inflation is hitting the peso! Dollar price today, January 9, 2024, in Mexican banks

He Mexican Peso fell due to the global strengthening of the dollar and after the release of local inflation data, so dollar price today January 9, 2024 The price closed at 16.96 pesos per dollar; meet me here What is the exchange rate at banks in Mexico? at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, the stock market fell sharply, extending the weak performance it started 2024 with as part of a correction after hitting new all-time highs in late December.

The Mexican currency was quoted at 16.96 per dollar. almost at the end of the matter, with a loss of 0.88% compared with the Reuters benchmark price on Monday, when it briefly rose to levels not seen since late August.

“Strategically, we continue to expect the peso to depreciate to around 18.8 in the first half of the year, so we see value in taking long dollar positions at current levels,” BBVA said in a research note.

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Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 9, 2024

Price dollar today January 9, 2024 in Mexican banks* closes at:

  • BBVA Mexico – 16.11 pesos to buy and 17.25 pesos to sell.
  • Citibanamex – 16.47 pesos to buy and 17.41 pesos to sell.
  • Banco Azteca – 16.40 pesos to buy and 17.80 pesos to sell.
  • Banorte – 15.80 pesos to buy and 17.25 pesos to sell.
  • Confirm banking service – 16.00 pesos when buying and 17.50 pesos when selling.
  • Scotiabank – 15.20 pesos to buy and 18.20 pesos to sell.
  • Inbursa – 16.60 pesos to buy and 18.00 pesos to sell.

*Exchange rate at 16:11.

According to Reuters


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