Information from the Embassy of the United States in Cuba

The United States embassy in Cuba will hold a virtual meeting to answer questions about the procedures to obtain a visa in Cuba.

The announcement was made on his Twitter account, where it is also specified that the doubts will be answered by the consuls of the diplomatic headquarters.
The session will take place this Thursday, May 12, in a Facebook chat, between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m.
A few days before visa processing will resume in Havana, this virtual event is being organized. On May 4, the United States embassy had expressed its satisfaction with this.
“We are glad that our limited resumption of immigrant visa processing in Havana is off to a good start. We hope to be able to process many more immigrant visas in the future and continue expanding our consular services in Havana.”

Slow restart of visa processing

Procedures related to immigrant visas were suspended for more than four years, due to the alleged sonic attacks. Meanwhile, the Family Reunification Program (CFRP) has been stopped in practice since 2016.
Since the beginning of the year, the United States announced that consular activities in Havana would be resumed, although it would be a gradual process, and in stages. For now, only IR-5 visas will be processed, for parents of US citizens.
The absence of legal mechanisms to go and live in the northern nation, together with the serious crisis that the Caribbean country is experiencing, have encouraged irregular migration by land and sea.

Legal emigration almost impossible

In one of its posts on Twitter, the US embassy asked Cubans to use legal channels to emigrate.
“The dangers of irregular migration include difficult terrain, lack of access to health care, human trafficking and financial risk, while also enriching criminal networks. Safe and legal migration from Cuba is the only way. Do not put yourself or your family at risk! », Says the note from the diplomatic headquarters.
However, for years the quota of 20,000 visas for emigration ordered has been breached. In fiscal year 2021, only 3,232 immigrant visas were granted for Cubans and, in 2020, only 3,790.
More than 100,000 Cuban families have been waiting for a response to their visa claims for several years. Figures higher than 22,000 files are attributed to the Family Reunification Program (CFRP) alone

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