Ingenuity blew the script on its 71st mission to Mars


NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter on Mars, which accompanies the Perseverance rover on its journey through Jezero Crater.landed successfully on its 71st flight, but much earlier than planned.

This flight, which took place on January 6, It was programmed to travel 358 meters in 125 seconds.. However, he covered only 71 meters in 35 seconds.. The planned flight altitude of 12 meters and speed of 7 meters per second were achieved.

“The relatively monotonous terrain it was flying over (ripples of sand with few or no rocks) proved to be a challenge for its navigation system,” He explained the mission on his X account.

The first controlled aircraft in another world. Ingenuity is half a meter tall and weighs 1.8 kilograms.. It is equipped with six lithium-ion batteries charged by solar energy. Its four carbon fiber blades are housed in two rotors that spin in opposite directions at about 2,400 rpm, much faster than a helicopter on Earth.

Since April 2021, the Mars helicopter has flown 128.3 minutes, covering 17 km and reaching an altitude of up to 24 meters. He uses his images to help plan exploration of the surface by the Perseverance rover.

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