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In a world where you live at many revolutions, you have too many responsibilities and time passes quickly, it is essential to think about your well-being, both physical and mental. For this, it is important to look for moments and places of relaxation and relief, such as swimming pools, spasauna, indoor jacuzzi, therapy, hot spring, among other issues.

However, these places must have requirements and measures that take care of the health and safety of their users. For this, there is Hidroxury, a company with a long history of innovations in health and wellness technology.

Company with experience in spaces wellness and spas

Hidroxury is a company specialized in the construction of spaces wellness and artificial spas with circuits with a high degree of technical complexity, such as jacuzzis, contrast showers, swimming pools, spas, hot springs, shift baths, saunas or foot baths. Also offers the installation of hydrotherapy equipment, infrared saunas, counter-current pools and hydromassage baths. In addition, it has the service of re-equipment and optimization of facilities in tourist and hotel complexes and rehabilitation, adaptation and development from scratch of an urban or traditional spa with mineral-medicinal waters.

The company works with both individuals and commercial clients. On the other hand, her long career, which began in 1993, positioned her as a pioneer in the field of balneotherapy on the peninsula, and she is even the founder of the Association of Urban Spas in Spain.

The complete Hidroxury service

Whether it is from the construction of a swimming pool to the start-up of a complex of spa, the Hidroxury service contemplates a technical visit to verify the feasibility of the project and the necessary technical requirements for pre-installation. Personalized attention to provide expert advice from the initial consultation to the completion of the work, installation and start-up together with the explanation of its correct use, after-sales service to resolve incidents up to 48 hours after its inauguration and maintenance.

It is not always easy to think of a space construction project wellness and spas, so Hidroxury advises efficiently. Thanks to your great team of architects, engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, decorators and installation technicians, the company is constantly aware of the latest trends in architecture in order to offer expert and innovative design solutions. Added to this, all its professionals have More than 20 years of experience in the sectorso they are a guarantee of excellent work.

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