Inquiétude familiare face au style provocat by Bianca Censori on Kanye West’s girls

The recent appearance of Bianca Censori, the companion of the famous rapper Kanye West, caused vague indignation, Surtout au Sein de Sa Famille. In fact, a young woman who appears in a transparent poncho without losing her clothes is a tenue who has no time to breathe. His parents were concerned about the influence the rapper had on him.

Photos of the couple marching through Los Angeles on a special necklace. The family told the Daily Mail that getting closer to Kanye West did not make Bianca a plus for me. La tenue de la jeune femme, qui ne cachait que partiellement son corps, a été jugée unappropriée et potentiellement illegitimate sur la Californian women que interdisciplinary l’exhibitionnisme.

The source is a criticism of the attitude of Kanye West, who, oddly enough, does not offer his assistant in the company, noticeably cooled. This situation caused lively concern among Bianca’s parents, who had never accepted tel compportement sans l’influence du rappeur. Ils craignent qu’il ne la manipule en l’implicant davantage dans ses projets projets projenels, notamment dans la mode.

The author of this article argues about the limits of freedom of expression in fashion and the influence of women’s relationships on famous couples. Bianca Censori’s predictions hope that the situation will develop positively and that young women will be able to look back on their autonomy and self-worth.

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