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For Martha Wolf, insects are a window into understanding the ecosystems and nature that surround us. After 30 years of research, the researcher describes herself as more passionate than an expert.

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The renowned entomologist and researcher at the Institute of Entomology of the University of Antioquia shows us some specimens from Colombia’s most important insect collection and talks about his important contributions to forensic science. By studying the country’s endemic larvae, he was able to improve our understanding of the cadaveric fauna and its crucial role in estimating the time after death.

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In addition, Dr. Wolf is a pioneer in basic research into diseases such as leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. His contributions to these areas have been important for species study and treatment development.
Martha tells us about “feminine superpower”: I think it’s wonderful that nature gives us the ability to face several things at once, take on several roles and fulfill them.

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Her inspiring presence and outstanding achievements serve as a reminder that women can succeed in any discipline.

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