Inside Emily Blunt’s Bombshell Transformation for the 2024 Critics Choice Awards

When Barbenheimer While the phenomenon catapulted two summer films to blockbuster stardom, it was clear how the films diverged when it came to the trajectories of their female characters. Stereotypical Barbie played by Margot Robbie V Greta Gerwiga candy-colored confection that ends up trading the claymation perfection of his Malibu Dream Home for the blended freedom of the real world. In the case of Kitty Oppenheimer, the wife of the so-called American Prometheus, the revived Emily Blunt V Christopher Nolanbiopic—she’s still, metaphorically, locked in a box. A biologist who is ultimately relegated to the role of wife and mother, she remains unfulfilled, “bristling at the limitations of femininity of the time,” Blunt says in a video about her life. Oppenheimer The play received numerous nominations for Best Supporting Actress. Kitty is “a truly brilliant mind that went to waste on the ironing board, and she suffered for it.”

Blunt wears a Giorgio Armani Priv dress with the help of stylist Jessica Pasteur.

Blunt wore a Giorgio Armani Privé dress with the help of stylist Jessica Pasteur.

Jenna Jones.

If Kitty has the power of an unexploded weapon, then what Blunt showed off at Sunday’s 2024 Critics Choice Awards was a real bomb: red sequins glowing like fire under the lights. “We were going to give a modern twist to Old Hollywood,” stylist. Jessica Pasteur – says on the phone shortly after Blunt goes to the carpet. (She joined her Oppenheimer The actors took the stage to accept the award for Best Ensemble.) “The minute I saw this dress, I knew I wanted it for Emily. I said: “Please put this matter aside – I just don’t know why!” This is precisely the revolution that took place last July, when the Giorgio Armani Privé one-shoulder look appeared on the catwalk. “The movie takes place in the ’40s and ’50s, and that’s what I love about the silhouette,” says Pasteur. “More importantly,” she adds, “it has a feminine edge to it, but it’s a very formal dress.”

Makeup artist Jenn Streicher tried countless lipsticks in search of this particular shade of red - Chanels 31 Le Rouge in Rouge...

Makeup artist Jenn Streicher tried countless lipsticks in search of just this shade of red: Chanel’s 31 Le Rouge in Rouge Privé.

Jenna Jones.

Much of this magnetism – glamor at its most grounded – comes from Blunt’s personality, which is funny, cerebral and warm. Another factor is its core team. “We all harmonize with each other,” says Pasteur, speaking of the rest of the creative triumvirate: Jenn Streicher on makeup, Laney Reeves on the hair. Streicher answers the phone and tells the story of their origins before the 2007 awards season that followed The Devil Wears Prada. “I actually worked with her husband, John (Krasinski), and they just started dating,” recalls the makeup artist. “I said, ‘Yeah, if you ever need anyone, just let me know.’ The following week, Blunt called about the SAG Awards. “John always says she stole me from him,” Streicher laughs.

The red shoes were created by Alexander Birman hairstylist Lainie Reeves, who works with hair care line Burgeon, providing...

Red shoes from Alexander Birman; Hairstylist Laney Reeves, who works with hair care line Burgeon, secures buns in a rosette shape.

Jenna Jones.

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