Insiders are re-opening rumors of a new Zelda remake for Switch in the style of Link’s Awakening… but not from Oracle

According to several insiders, Nintendo may have a new classic-style The Legend of Zelda game in development, but not a remake of Oracle: it could be a remake or a 2D-style game in between Aonuma’s next big game.

June is just around the corner Nintendo has confirmed that there will be a Nintendo Direct presentation with news about Nintendo Switch games coming later this year (no news about Switch 2), possibly equivalent to Sony’s game state yesterday.

That means the days of speculation, rumors and leaks are back, and a certain Twitter personality is rising to prominence: Midori, or @MbKKssTBhz5.

In addition to providing information about Sega or Atlus games, he also provided information about Square Enix (Kingdom Hearts 4, Dragon Quest) and Nintendo.

Their information revolves around the code names of games being developed by Nintendo (thank goodness they give them code names), which are somewhat cryptic but give a clue as to what they are about.

Last week, he talked about two projects that seem related to Super Mario by name (even one that’s equivalent to Super Mario Odyssey).

Today he said that Nintendo has a game in development codenamed “Edward“, which may be related to the new Zelda game because Richard was the code name Link’s Awakeningremake 2019.

However, this could not have anything to do with it. Nintendo actually has another game codenamed “Anna“. Nintendo Switch Sports was codenamed… “Elsa”.

Nintendo may have a new “interim” Zelda after Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Of course, the Zelda connection theory is gaining traction. Another insider, PapaGenos, says “this is a game that will make us happy,” but This is not a remake of Oracle of Ages/Seasons. (games that are already in the Nintendo Switch Online app).

It’s only been a year since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Despite all this, it would be illogical to assume that the next “great” Zelda will be very advanced, but with a franchise like this, Nintendo will certainly have several studios working on games in the saga.

They could be remakeslike Link’s Awakening or even new classic 2D Zelda stylegiven that the next Zelda will almost certainly remain an open world game.

It could even be a port of Wind Waker or Twilight Princess HD, which Nintendo supposedly hasn’t released in years… It wouldn’t be weird if we learned something at the next Nintend Direct in June.

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