Internal Medicine awards the best journalism

Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (Semi) just called yours 5th SEMI Prize for Internal Medicine Journalism 2024which may be present journalistic works who treat and somehow make visible the specialty of internal medicine and its specialists, both from medical-scientific point of view both from social point of view.

Works will be awarded in three categories (print, digital and audiovisual media), each of which is awarded 2000 euros. The deadline for nominations is December 31, 2024, and entries must be submitted. electronic via this form.

All journalistic works published or broadcast in the media throughout Spain between January 1, 2024 And December 31, 2024, inclusive. The deadline for entries is Tuesday 31 December 2024, so the form will close at 11:59pm on that day.

With these awards, SEMI recognizes the important work of journalists, especially those in the healthcare profession, who contribute to increasing the visibility of the medical profession in society in all its aspects and disseminating its achievements. medical, clinical or research knowledge in different areas of specialty and the care they provide to patients in the Spanish social network.

Although the information contained in Medical Articles may contain statements, data or notes from medical institutions or specialists, it is edited and prepared by journalists. We encourage the reader to consult a healthcare professional with any health-related questions.

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