interview with stylist and singer Adoubée Rihanna

L’Espagnole Maria Abellan, aka Sita Abellan, 30, continues to evolve with her talents as a DJ, model, jewelry maker and stylist (who has had Kim Kardashian and Anitta). She is also Rihanna’s accomplice, allant jusqu’à apparaître dans le clip badass de. Bitch, you better take my money (2015). But that’s exactly what the singer, who was a dezormay, was an imposer under the pseudonym Sita with an EP of brutal techno called Generation XDISIS. On this occasion, the social media star au Look d’Alien answered our questions in mode and music.

Interview with Sita Abellan, stylist and charming singer of Rihanna and Kim Kardashian

Do you want to release a techno EP called Generation XDISIS. Comment est-il né?
Sita Abellan : Generation XDISIS It is a journey that lasts three years, a creative process that develops in furs and measures in which you experience different elements. This EP is a kind of “three kids” for me, which is also balanced by the responsibilities of motherhood. So musically, at the level of Passwords, there is a personal expression, a concept for the mini-album related to the transformation of a girl into a woman.

What does the mysterious title of your EP mean and what do you think about parole?
Generation The title “Inspiration for Snakes” symbolizes a journey of evolution and change. Quant aux paroles, les vous Feront découvrir mes expériences de Toxiques Relations, comment j’ai échappé à l’attrait du faux success et j’ai trouvé l’empowerment et la spirituality.

Who influences you?
Musically, the EP is a tribute to the most popular genres: hard techno, electroclash and punk, with a rebellious attitude that reflects the freedom they enjoy by being in complete control of the music. Sinon, Miss Kittin This is a significant impact. She is my main musical inspiration after adolescence.

Sita – 333 (2023).

“I cannot regret seeing what I imagine for my friends and my clients.” Sita Abellan

You are a DJ, fashion model and stylist. Comment vous définissez-vous? Et comment décririez-vous your style?
As an anime person out of curiosity who wants to experience a creative approach to better manners. My style? Tres Sita…

Vous êtes très suivie sur les reseaux sociaux. What do you refuse to post on Instagram?
Bien qu’exprimer ma liberté soit crois, je crois au respect for the freedom of others. Ce principe guides my actions on social networks.

As a stylist, you collaborated with me. Anitta, Kim Kardashian you’re doing an encore J Balvin. Yat-il certain views you regret?
I have a chance to never regret the image I presented to my friends and clients. Les Liens Solides and mutual respect for visions that help enrich collaboration.

“The best advice I can give? Soyez vous-même, défiez le system, Acceptez votre originalité et entourez-vous d’une équipe fidèle.” Sita Abellan

Are the parts fully available in their finishes?
Accessories, accessories and more accessories. Look can’t be full sans eux.

What is your definition of style?
Le style, d’après moi, means être soi-même and être original. This is the most beautiful form of style. What’s the best advice you have? Soyez vous-même, challenge the system, embrace your originality and entourez-vous d’une équipe fidèle. Ignore your opponents, continue to speak your mind and believe that your unique character is your strength.

Qui est, d’après vous, est la personne la mieux habillée au monde?

À mon avis, c’est celle qui a un style original et qui vit et respecte la mode dans ses forms les plus creatives et parfois les plus caches.

XDISIS generation (2024) from Sita is available.

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