iOS 18 will be the “biggest update” in iPhone history

iOS 18 could mark a before and after for the iPhone. The next version of the operating system, which will be released in a few months, Apple perceives this with particular optimism.

That’s what Mark Gurman points out. Bloomberg, pointing to rumors coming from inside the apple company. So after a few years, improvements were more focused on overall system performance and refining what needed it. Cupertino residents will return to action in 2024 with good news..

iOS 18: the “most important” update

The journalist, who has not yet shared details about what will happen with iOS 18, notes the following:

“I’m told that the new operating system is viewed internally as one of the most important, if not the most important, iOS update in the company’s history.”

Apple iPhone 15Apple iPhone 15

This is not a trivial statement, considering the relevance the operating system that powers the best-selling device, the iPhone. With the opportunity to influence millions of users and the overall attention that this entails, we can assume that this segment is in for an interesting year thanks to iOS 18.

What will iOS 18 bring?

The million dollar question, of course. The truth is that iOS 18 still remains a big unknown, although we know, for example, that one of the big steps will be the adaptation of the RCS messaging protocol. This will allow Integrate chat from the Messages app with Android phones, just as you would with iMessage itself or an app like WhatsApp., something that was previously impossible. This might not be seen as much progress in markets where iMessage usage is residual (like Spanish-speaking markets), but in some, like the United States itself, it is.

Hey Siri on iPhoneHey Siri on iPhone
Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Except, One of the main characters expected to appear in iOS 18 will be artificial intelligence.. Applies, of course, to the entire operating system. With companies like Google and Samsung already boasting about it, it’s time to get to work in California. Among the things that will improve and increase efficiency and quality will presumably be a new AI-powered Siri.

Following tradition, Apple is expected to detail the major new features of iOS 18 during the presentation. WWDC 2024 Developers Conference, held in June. Of course, it’s likely that by then we’ll already know much of what they’re up to there in Cupertino.

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