Iran and Hezbollah threaten Israel over death of senior Hamas official in Lebanon: “This crime will not go unanswered”

People take part in a protest against the killing of senior Hamas official Saleh al-Arouri in Jenin, West Bank (Reuters/Ranine Sawafta)

Iranian officials have strongly condemned the attack in Lebanon this Tuesday that killed the number two leader of the political wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Saleh Al ArouriAnd he has blamed the Israeli military for the death, which he says will “incite further fighting against Israel.”

“The martyr’s blood The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “It will definitely ignite once again the nerves of resistance and inspiration to fight against the Zionist occupier, not only in Palestine, but also among all defenders of freedom in the region and around the world.” Will do.” Nasir Kanani.

Similarly, Kanani has emphasized that this offensive, about which Israel has not yet commented, resulted in the “impotence and harsh and irreparable” defeat of Israeli troops against Palestinian resistance groups and a resilient Palestinian state. It happens. Iranian agency report IRNA.

Nasser Kanani (Europa Press)

On the other hand, a spokesperson for Iranian diplomacy has reportedly expressed its condemnation of what it considers Israel’s violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called on international organizations, especially the United Nations Security Council. Providing an “immediate and effective” response to what happened.

Meanwhile, in a statement, Hezbollah assured that “This crime will not go away without a response and punishment.”Also stating that its fighters are on maximum alert to carry out retaliation.

Hezbollah said of Arouri, “Almighty God ended the career of this great leader with the highest medals of honor and distinction, and he received the martyrdom he long sought and craved.”

The terrorist group calls the alleged Israeli attack “a serious aggression against Lebanon, its people, its security and its sovereignty”… more “An alarming development during the war between the enemy and the Axis of Resistance.”

“The criminal enemy – which was unable to subdue Gaza after ninety days of crime, murder and destruction – resorts to a policy of assassination … of anyone who planned, carried out or supported it” Hamas on 7 October Terrorist attack in Syria, Hezbollah says, highlighting the alleged Israeli killing of senior IRGC official Razi Mosavi in ​​Syria last week.

at least six people have died And several others have been injured after a drone attack on a Hamas office in Mushrifiya, a southern suburb of the Lebanese capital. The dead included al-Arouri, considered the number two in the Islamic organisation’s political wing and one of the brigade’s commanders. Al Qassam.

Saleh al-Arouri (Reuters/Amr Abdullah Dalsh/file photo)

Al Arouri, in Lebanon since 2018, has been imprisoned in Israeli prisons for twelve years before being released in 2010. Multiple attacks against Israel from Lebanese soil. He has been one of the main mediators in the release of hostages taken by Hamas on 7 October.

for its part, A senior Hamas leader confirmed this Tuesday that the death of the movement’s number two will not stop the “resistance”,

Izzat Al Rishq declared, “The cowardly murders carried out by the Zionist occupier against the leaders and symbols of our Palestinian people inside and outside Palestine will not break the will or the resilience of our people, nor hinder them from continuing their brave resistance. Will be made.” a member of Hamas’ political office said in a statement.

“The martyrdom of Sheikh Saleh al-Arouri, vice-chairman of the Hamas political bureau, in a Zionist attack in Beirut,” the group said in a statement. Al-Aqsa TVIts official channel, and other media.

According to Lebanese media, “a meeting of Palestinian groups was taking place” in the building at the time of the attack.

Following the bombing, the Lebanese Prime Minister condemned Arouri’s death, saying that the attack aimed to “drag Lebanon further into the war between Israel and Hamas”.

,Prime Minister Najib Mikati condemned the explosion in Beirut’s southern suburbs that killed and injured several peoplehis office said in a statement.

(With information from EP and AFP)

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