Iran attacks Israeli Mossad spy headquarters in northern Iraq with missiles

Iranian Revolutionary Guard -A military branch that operates under the protection of the Ayatollah- is bombed this Monday “Spy Headquarters” with “Ballistic Missiles” of the Israeli secret service for foreign countries, Mossad, in Iraqi Kurdistan. The same attack has been carried out on the bases of Islamic State in SyriaIn retaliation for the two car bomb blasts by the terrorist organization during a tribute to Qasem Soleimani on January 4.

Earlier, Fars News Agency and local media reported that the Revolutionary Guard had carried out the attack. “Anti-Iranian terrorist group” In Erbil (the capital of Kurdistan, a semi-autonomous region in northern Iraq). Now, according to the same sources, the branch of the Iranian military is used «Ballistic missiles to destroy spy centers and meetings of anti-Iran terrorist groups In the area late tonight”, i.e., Mossad’s alleged “espionage headquarters” in the area.

For its part, in Syria, “the Guardsmen identified and destroyed the meeting places of their commanders and key elements With a series of ballistic missiles in response to recent terrorist atrocities in Iran», the Revolutionary Guard said, according to information from local media collected by Reuters agency.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the double attack during tribute to Suleimani in Iran.Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the double attack during tribute to Suleimani in Iran.

With these attacks, Iran “Perpetrators of terrorist operations in the Islamic Republic, Especially Islamic State.

When the attack began, some information showed that Can be directed to North American facility in areaSomething that sources at the US Consulate in the region have denied to the Reuters agency.

Double attack on tribute to Suleimani in Iran

Islamic State claimed Author of the double attack on the Iranian city of Kerman And according to official figures, it resulted in more than 80 deaths. The attack occurred relatively close to where he is buried Qasim SulemaniFour years ago, a general was killed in an American bombing in Iraq.

However, the Kerman emergency department indicated in its latest report that the death toll had reached 103, while another 188 people were injured; The Health Ministry has updated the balance, which now stands More than 80 people died and more than 210 were injuredAccording to IRNA agency.

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