Is Checo Perez staying at Red Bull because of sponsors?

Sergio Perez’s economic weight at Red Bull is a new clue that critics of the Mexican driver have begun to use, as well as comments to back it up. This is what keeps him on the championship team.which Christian Horner, the group’s leader, refused.

A few days after Mika Hakkinen emphasized that “Mexico is a big market and that influences some things,” Speedcafe They asked the manager if they would lose “significant revenue” if they got rid of the Guadalajara man, but he ruled it out.

“Whatever sponsors we have are completely independent of any driver,” he replied. “Czech Republic in the car according to merit because we think he is the best rider next to Max. “This has nothing to do with any of our partners.”

Continuity depends on Czech language

In recent days Horner has floated the possibility of extending Checo Perez’s contract until 2025, although he insisted it would be solely up to him to retain the place “a lot of people want” based on results alone.

This is a place that Cheko will have to lose.. He holds this position and a lot will depend on how things go next season. But we have no shortage of talent within the group and obviously there is a lot of interest outside the group as well,” he said.

Horner also insisted on the support they gave the Mexican, which was reflected in the 2023 season when they stood by him despite unfavorable results.

Original intention will continue to provide this support in 2024 and then, if conditions are favorable, begin renewal.

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