Is Juanfer Quintero in trouble? A family member is involved in a serious problem

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The Colombian player spoke about the sensitive situation against his close friend.

Juan Fernando Quintero, Colombia national team
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The end of the year was not a positive one for those around Juan Fernando Quintero, after the player in the last hours published a sensitive statement referring to a family member who appears to be accused of sexually assaulting a minor.

The relative in question in the serious situation is related to Alexandre Quintero, a relative of the Racing and Colombia national team player, who was caught committing these acts on December 25 in Commune 13 of the city of Medellin.


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Faced with this unpleasant moment, Juan Fernando Quintero was forced to issue a press release in which he spoke about what happened, stating that he supports the families of the victims and that all situations that arise are accepted within the framework of the law.

“Today is a very sad day for me. As a parent, I express my complete rejection of any actions that violate the rights of children and adolescents. In this case, I am deeply hurt by what a member of my family group did. I stand in solidarity with the abused family and hope that the full weight of the law will fall on the perpetrators of this absurd act. I hope that the authorities will thoroughly investigate this case and find the whereabouts of the alleged culprit and I repeat once again, the full weight of the law will fall on him. “I invite you to cooperate with the authorities and provide any information that will lead to the capture of this man.”

At the moment, not a single judicial act has been adopted that could determine the entire essence of the case regarding this sad event that the 30-year-old football player’s entourage is experiencing.

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