Is Jurassic World 4 where the saga’s actor is in the suite?

Big actors of the trilogy Jurassic World review of the conversation Jurassic World 4 In the interview there is no serait pas contre revenir dans la saga.

After what I said that Scarlett Johansson will be Danish Jurassic World 4at the beginning of à it will be said that A movie about the dinosaur franchise that could focus on the big lizards and plus its actors. D’Autant plus that casting Jurassic World 4 s’agrandit author of comedy. What if Glen Powell had turned down Scarlett Johansson’s role? Jurassic World 4ilsemble désormais logique que la saga ouvre donc se portes à de plus en plus de têtes d’affiche.

When you dress in a convoy of many actors, you are not sure that he is waiting for the accomplished party of the universes. In fact, the actors of the most important films of the three premieres Jurassic World I immediately explained what the agreement would be to return to the franchise.

Do you think envy of the revenant can make you die?

Jurassic World 4: The Return of Owen Grady

In fact, Chris Pratt, the translator of Owen Grady, the main character of the trilogy Jurassic World I didn’t cache your messages. This is an interview with TSB RF for promotion of animated films Garfield: “Héros Malgré Lui” Dans lequel il prête sa voix au gros matou, which Chris Pratt spoke about Jurassic World 4. The American actor is most delighted with the presence of Scarlett Johansson in the long film and this is a meme addressed to her:

“She is not my appeal (Scarlett Johansson), most of all you say that ScarJo, il suffit de m’appeller. I thought Coleen (Jost, Johansson’s wife) was my number. Nasites doesn’t call. The air seems cool. »

Du coup, reviens ou reviens pas (in Pratt’s words, pas du petit dino)?

Chris Pratt talks about the possibility of seeing himself return in the saga:

“Il ne faut jamais dire jamais.” Peut-être. Maybe I’ll go back, maybe I won’t do it. A contact person for knowledge is enough for me. Je sais que je serais le premier motivé, que je sois pris or not. »

Fans of the actor do not know that Pratt wants to see the universes of dinosaurs and sagas. Jurassic World. This was done, perhaps, imagining that after the completion of the trilogy and the completion of many arcs, the chain films would concentrate on new characters at the forefront (et loin des anciens, on l’espere). Pour le savoir, il faudra partyre July 2, 2025 departure date. Jurassic World 4 in France.

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