Israel expands its massive crackdown on Khan Yunis, condemning UNRWA’s role

The US, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Italy are some of the countries that have suspended funding to the UN agency for Palestinian refugees following the alleged involvement of some of their staff in the October 7 attack on Israel.

While the clock of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) keeps ticking at its own pace after being activated South Africa vs Israel, battles and attacks mark a time of war between Israeli forces and Hamas. The third clock, that of arbitration, has not stopped ticking. High-ranking representatives of the US, Qatar, Egypt and Israel are planning to meet in the coming days to promote it armistice agreement and the release of 136 hostages held after they were kidnapped by the Islamic group on 7 October.

At the same time, including eight countries Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Holland and Canada have followed the American path And this Saturday they have Suspended its financial assistance to UNRWA (United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees) following the alleged involvement of several members of its staff in an armed attack on 7-O. The agency, which warned that the decision jeopardizes its “humanitarian work in the region, especially in the Gaza Strip”, has announced The contract of such employees should be terminated and launched an investigation after “receiving information from Israeli authorities” making it clear that “any UNRWA staff involved in acts of terrorism will be held accountable, including through criminal proceedings.”

According to the Israeli state television network, Israel provided the US with “clear information that at least 12 UNRWA workers took part in armed incursions into Hamas on 7 October, some of them killed by security forces in Israeli territory near the border.” Was dropped”.

Since northern Gaza is in a much less intense phase of attacks and clashes, the war has basically focused on the south. The Israeli Army’s 98th Division continues a massive offensive into the western region that began several days ago. jan euniceWhile the vast majority of internally displaced people are in the southernmost city Refa,

The health ministry in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip says Israeli operations are the cause more than 170 dead On the last day, the death toll since the start of the war rose to more than 26,200 after jihadist attacks in southern Israel killed 1,200 and kidnapped 240.

The Israeli army confirmed this Saturday that its forces “killed more than 100 terrorists in the last week”, according to their statement, including in the last hours.raids on terrorist hideouts“Including a weapons storage facility where large quantities of ammunition, firearms and various technical assets were located.”

According to army figures, 17 of the 24 Hamas battalions in the Gaza Strip have been “neutralized” in the 113-day offensive.

Gazan officials have accused the army of besieging Nasser and Al Amal, the two main health centers in the Khan Yunis area. “The Israeli occupation has surrounded hospital Khan Younis, completely paralyzing them while committing the crime of genocide and preventing the movement of ambulances,” condemned the Islamic Government’s Health Ministry, while Israel responded that Hamas uses the said hospitals.

Palestinian residents claimed that Israeli forces blew up buildings and houses in the western part of the city of Khan Younis. Quoting Reuters, they also condemn that it caused disruption Efforts to save the dead and injured, Israel denies this and condemns that terrorists operate inside and outside the two hospitals mentioned above.

collapse of the medical system

Doctors Without Borders warns that Nasser hospital no longer has the capacity to treat the injured “Collapse of vital medical services”, Says, “The situation in Gaza is absolutely desperate. Everywhere you look, there are displaced people, exhausted after three and a half months of brutal war. People will die as a result of the siege: hunger, disease, lack of medical care.” UNRWA Communications Director, Juliet ToumaThe gist of which is: “These are not conditions for humans.”

Israel’s Foreign Minister, israel katz, has strongly criticized UNRWA’s role in the Gaza Strip (“many of its staff are members of Hamas who identify with its murderous ideas and harbor its terrorist activities”) and to temporarily declare the US , Australia, Canada, Finland and Italy have congratulated. In its words, “Its assistance to the UN body was suspended after it was discovered that some of its staff were involved in the brutal 7 October massacre.” According to reports, the United Kingdom has also joined the boycott of UNRWA this Saturday carlos fresneda,

Twelve employees of the agency have been suspected for their alleged involvement in the 7-O attack after Military Intelligence considered it as evidence. israel has accused Hamas’s armed wing of using several UN facilities,

“We have been warning for years that UNRWA perpetuates the refugee issue, hinders peace and acts as a Hamas civilian wing in Gaza“Katz wrote this Saturday on the

UNRWA responded to the allegations, saying it was open an urgent investigation and promised to hold accountable “any employees involved in terrorist acts.” Noting that Israel has provided him with information “regarding the alleged involvement of a number of UNRWA staff in the horrific attack on Israel on 7 October”, the Commissioner General said. Philip Lazzariniannounced the decision to “immediately terminate the contracts of these staff members and launch an investigation without delay to learn the truth and protect the ability to provide humanitarian assistance” in the impoverished Gaza Strip, amid a dramatic humanitarian crisis. After 113 days. Of war, as representatives of his agency have warned.

“Palestinians in Gaza did not need this additional collective punishment. It is a stigma on all of us,” warned Lazzarini, who declared himself “shocked” at the expansion of the list of countries suspending aid. These include the two main donors in 2022, the United States and Germany.

Hamas, which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007, condemns An “Israeli provocation campaign” against UNRWA and other agencies to cease operations in the Palestinian territory., denies any cooperation of its armed forces with these organizations and calls on the UN “not to succumb to Israeli threats and blackmail”. The Palestinian National Authority (PNA) today criticized countries that decided to suspend their aid before the conclusion of an investigation “based on information received from the Zionist enemy” on a case that has widened the rift between Israel and the United Nations. And has increased.

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