Israel – Gaza: Israeli forces take control of the center of Rafah, the last refuge of more than one million Palestinians

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caption, Israeli soldiers in Gaza. Archive photo.

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Eyewitnesses and local journalists in Gaza told the BBC that Israeli forces seized the al-Awda crossing in the centre of Rafah on Tuesday.

According to the BBC’s correspondent in the Palestinian territories, Rushdi Abualouf, the al-Awda square is a key area housing Gaza’s main banks, businesses and shops, as well as its government institutions.

A witness, who had taken refuge with his family in an Emirati hospital in the western part of the city, told the BBC that Israeli soldiers had positioned themselves on top of a building overlooking the square and They started shooting at anyone who moved.,

According to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Health Ministry, 46 people have been killed in the territory in the past 24 hours.

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