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The keys to President Sánchez’s institutional declaration

The President of the Government Pedro Sánchez has formally announced the recognition of the Palestinian State, which will be approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, and has clarified that This “historic decision” does not go against the “friendly people” Israelbut what it reflects is “the rejection of Hamas.” Sánchez has defended that the Israelis are “a friendly people whom we respect, whom we appreciate and with whom we want to have the best possible relations.” The decision “reflects our Complete and emphatic rejection of HamasA terrorist organisation that is against the two-state solution.”

On a viable state and the 1967 boundaries. Given the debate that has raged on the issue, Sanchez wanted to clarify what the government understands by a Palestinian state and what its boundaries are, since Palestine is made up of the West Bank, governed by the Palestinian Authority led by Mahmoud Abbas, and Gaza, which has been controlled by Hamas since 2007 and whose capital would be East Jerusalem.

In this regard, he has said that “the State of Palestine must, first of all, be viable, with the West Bank and Gaza connected by a corridor, and East Jerusalem as its capital, and unified under the legitimate government of the Palestinian National Authority.” However, it is not up to Spain to “define the borders of other countries”, he said, adding that the government’s approach “fully aligns with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council” and with the traditional position of the European Union, which refers to the borders of 1967, before the Six-Day War.

Therefore, he said, “We will not recognise any changes to the 1967 boundary lines except those agreed to by the parties”. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Alberes, had already indicated that it was not necessary to recognize a State with specific borders and had indicated that the Government believed this issue was one of those that should be resolved at a peace conference. conflict.

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