Israel: “Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into an unnecessary war for the sake of Hamas”

Message from Israel Defense Forces spokesman Daniel Hagari

Three months after the brutal attacks Hamas south of israel, In the north – on the border with Lebanon – tensions are deepening by the minute, Hezbollah, a terrorist group operating in the region funded by Iran, began carrying out attacks on October 7 in support of Palestinian militants.

“Hezbollah is dragging Lebanon into an unnecessary war for the sake of Hamas. Hezbollah wants to escalate tensions despite bringing unwanted destruction to the Lebanese people. This is adding to the unnecessary suffering it is already causing to the population of southern Lebanon. and for what? For the good of Hamas,” the rear admiral condemned Daniel HagariIsrael Defense Forces spokesperson.

“To those who drag the sector into unnecessary stress. Our message is clear: the people of Israel, the people of Gaza, the people of Lebanon and indeed the entire region deserve a future of peace, progress and prosperity, not the death and destruction that Hamas and Hezbollah seek.,

And he added: “We have a duty to protect our people, if not by diplomatic means, then by force of arms. The diplomatic window may be small, but it remains open.

He On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel in a coordinated and simultaneous operation. That included airstrikes and the infiltration of hundreds of militants from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

They killed 1,200 people In a bloodthirsty attack: They burned houses full of people, killed entire families, cut off heads and burned children. They mutilated and raped their victims, and took more than 250 hostages to the Gaza Strip. That day, Hamas militants paraded the bodies of civilians and soldiers through the streets of Gaza.

The main victims were the population of kibbutzim in the south of the country and the hundreds of youth who participated in Music Festival for Peace, SupernovaNear the border with the strip.

Hamas takes 129 hostages in Gaza (Reuters)

After the attack, war broke out in Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces first carried out aerial bombardment and then launched a ground operation in the northern strip. Repeatedly and through various means, the IDF requested the evacuation of civilians but the terrorist group uses schools, hospitals and residences as bases of operations. Hamas has historically hidden among the civilian population.

after Qatar arbitrationIn collaboration with the United States, IIsrael and Hamas agree to exchange hostages for Palestinian prisoners Accused and/or convicted of terrorism crimes.

The ceasefire began on 24 November and lasted for seven days, during which Hamas freed 113 hostages, Between Israeli women and children and foreign kidnappers. In return, Israel handed over dozens of Palestinian prisoners and allowed additional humanitarian aid to enter the Strip.

After 7 days of ceasefire, Hamas violated the ceasefire on 1 December. They launched rockets from the Gaza Strip and did not provide any other list of those potentially released. There are still 129 hostages in Gaza, including 11-month-old Argentinian-Israeli baby Kfir Bibas, the youngest child abducted by the militants.

Following the end of the ceasefire, Israel resumed operations and expanded its ground campaign to the south of the Strip, where house-to-house fighting is taking place. Its aim is to eliminate the Hamas terrorist group, kill its leaders and destroy the vast network of underground tunnels in the Strip that allow terrorists to hide, store weapons and hide hostages.

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