Israel-Palestine and Russia-Ukraine war, live: Israel offers ceasefire to Hamas

The EU considers it important that Biden’s proposal leads to a lasting peace solution

The European Union extended its support to the ceasefire proposal announced by US President Joe Biden. Lead a settlement between Israelis and Palestinians Called for lasting peace and an end to war.

‘It is important that this will open up space for negotiations on a long-term solution, in particular a permanent cessation of hostilities and Withdrawal of Israeli forces, Also the reconstruction of Gaza,” European Council President Charles Michel said on the social network X.

The former Belgian Prime Minister was “particularly grateful for the efforts of the United States in collaboration with key partners” Qatar and Egypt“to receive this offer.

“The grief must stop”, Michel stressed this, who appealed to “all parties to take advantage of this opportunity for peace.” The same sentiment was expressed by the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell.

“Our full support for President Biden’s roadmap durable ceasefire And the release of the hostages leads to a permanent cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) and the start of reconstruction efforts. The war must now end,” Borrell also said in X.

Meanwhile, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen “fully agrees” with this President Biden “The latest proposal is an important opportunity to move forward toward ending the war and civilian suffering in Gaza.”

“this approach the three Stooges It is balanced and realistic. “It now needs the support of all parties,” the former German defense minister said.

The Israeli proposal announced by Biden would begin with a six-week phase of a complete ceasefire, the release of some hostages and a partial withdrawal of Israeli forces.

During those six weeks, Israel and Hamas will have to negotiate the details of the second phase, which will involve “Permanent end to hostilities”The release of the remaining hostages, including soldiers, and the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Strip, Biden elaborated.

According to the US President, this second phase will require very intense negotiations, so that ““The ceasefire will remain in place as long as the talks continue.” Said.

The third and final phase will involve a “Great Reconstruction Plan” Palestinian enclaves and the return of the bodies of killed hostages.

The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said it sees “Positive“Ceasefire proposal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office made it clear that the war will not end until Israel achieves its goal of eliminating Hamas’ military and government capabilities in Gaza.

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