Israel reveals alleged Hamas plans to attack in Europe – DW – 01/13/2024

This Saturday (13/01/2024) Israel accused Hamas, a group considered terrorist by the European Union, of planning attacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. An alleged plan to attack the Israeli embassy in Sweden, as part of a project to expand the group’s operations, is particularly detailed, through a statement from the Mossad and Shin Bet intelligence agencies.

Hamas did not respond to the charges, which represent an alleged breach of the group’s historic policy, which limits its attacks to Israel, the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, all areas where it seeks to establish a Palestinian state. Is. Through the statement, Israeli agencies also mentioned an alleged Hamas member in Sweden, without specifying whether he has been detained.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the information, limiting itself to stating that Sweden “takes very seriously its obligations under the Vienna Convention regarding the security of foreign diplomatic missions.” In December, Danish and German authorities reported the arrests of people suspected of preparing attacks on European soil on behalf of Hamas.

“Attack on innocent people”

Israeli agencies indicated, “The terrorist organization Hamas is working to carry out attacks against targets in the Middle East, Africa and Europe under the command of senior leaders of the organization.” The information revealed includes orders from the organization’s management for the acquisition and use of unmanned aerial vehicles by criminal elements for the purpose of carrying out attacks such as October 7 in Israel.

The Mossad and Shin Bet, which operate abroad, said, “In the ongoing intelligence effort, considerable information has emerged revealing how the terrorist organization Hamas has used its violent activity abroad to attack innocent people around the world.” Has expanded.” , with a presence in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Israeli spy officials have told their allies in other countries “a complete and in-depth picture of Hamas’s terrorist activities, including details of areas of action, targets of attacks, and people involved in the implementation of the activity.”

DZC (Reuters, EFE)

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