It is more than 13 billion years old.

Scientists Heading the James Webb Telescope Made an Incredible Discovery Using This Black Hole

The oldest black hole was discovered thanks to the Webb telescope: it is more than 13 billion years old
Black holes are massive objects that devour everything around them.

Black holes are one of the celestial bodies that receive the most attention from astronomers.. Their existence has been known, or at least theorized, for decades, but only recently have they been studied more accurately. So much so that the James Webb Telescope has now found an object 13 billion years old.

The space is of increasing interest not only among experts, but also among the general public. New images NASA releases of planets like Mars and the moons of Jupiter are some of the most visited images on the Internet. From all this, Black holes also attract a lot of attention.

The black hole is almost as old as the galaxy itself

Coming back to the new black hole discovered, it has been around for at least 13 billion years. Astronomers confirmed this. This means that it is 400 million years younger than the Big Bang. who created the known universe. Initial observations by the University of Cambridge showed that this colossal black hole is devouring the galaxy in which it resides.

Today, massive black holes, because they come in different sizes and some believe energy can be extracted from them, are thought to arise after a great gravitational collapse. If we look at traditional models, the black hole born from this collision Its mass is one hundred times the mass of the Sun..

Now, by the way, there are more points of view than the generally accepted model. Professor Roberto Maiolino noted that it is necessary to study other ways of creating black holes. Maiolino noticed that early galaxies that were very rich in gas They could very well contribute to the creation of black holes..

All data about the new black hole were published in an article in the journal Nature. Here the authors, including the aforementioned professor, thought about these celestial bodies of enormous mass. who devour everything around them.

Regardless of how things come about, we think the most important thing about the article and news is that people are expanding their knowledge about space at a rapid pace thanks to new technologies. The James Webb Telescope is proof of this. and it has brought much joy to the scientific community over the past year. We look forward to any news that comes out soon.

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