It only takes 12 minutes a day to do it!

According to a study, it takes very little to be happy: here’s what you need to do

According to a study to be happy all you have to do is wish the next one a lot of luck. In fact, some studies show that being kind, caring and smiling does nothing but avoid anxiety and above all bring a good mood. To give some more advice on what to do in detail, i have thought about it directly American researchers from Iowa State University in Ames.

Researchers are after examining many people have confirmed that to lift your spirits it is good to simply desire happiness in others. Kindness, smiles and above all gratitude towards others would be the basis of a beautiful day for ourselves.

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To arrive at that certainty, the scholars in detail observed university students walking inside a building for 12 minutes and practicing a few tips.

There would be the basis for a good day love and respect for others. Try to look at others who meet and wish each of them to be happy.

Interconnection, that is, trying to understand how others can share hopes and feelings with third parties. In the end, social confrontation, that is, think about how you could better than any individual you met.

According to scholars, we can all benefit from these discoveries, especially in a world dominated by social media.

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In fact, as far as social comparison is concerned, its social networks always tend to show and make comparisons. Eg:earn more money than me“; “she has a nice dress“What a beautiful car” These mechanisms may be unhappy and wanting more and more. Specifically: The researchers stated that the comparison it is a risky strategy.

In fact, here is what the experts said: it’s almost impossible not to make comparisons on social media. Our study did not prove this, but we often feel envy, jealousy, anger or disappointment in response to what we see on social media, and those emotions disturb our sense of well-being ”.

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