It will last 60 hours, will be free and promises “the biggest and most powerful mission” we’ve ever played. The Lordbound mod for Skyrim is insane even for its community – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It will add a new 3km square map, 40 missions and 50 dungeons, but no release date has been given yet.

It’s been at least 13 years since the last Elder Scrolls was released, at least in terms of the chronological saga. Skyrim was a worldwide success that continues to this day. However, the best thing about this RPG is how flexible its graphics engine is, capable of opening its arms to the craziest creations that modders can come up with. In this case, Skyrim will witness the arrival Lordbadmod that Add to nothing more than 60 hours of free content.

Hardcore The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim players continue to find new ways to enjoy the game. In this case, the modding team known as the Lordbound Dev Team claims authorship. next big mod for the Bethesda role-playing game: Skyrim: Lordbound.

Skyrim’s next big mod has a name and a lot of promise

The project’s development team, consisting entirely of amateur developers and hardcore game enthusiasts, has worked tirelessly for six years to create a DLC-sized mod that promises to offer players a new region to explore, with more than three square kilometers extensions. Something like ninth belonging current map games.

But what’s most impressive is the amount of additional content this mod includes. As they promise, we are talking about more than 40 new missions And 50 original dungeons It will take us about 60 hours to complete the study. What’s more, when it comes to reaching for the stars, the modders know a lot and promise that one of the main missions will be the biggest one players have faced in Skyrim to date, and will have significant implications for the game’s world. , a game of player choice.

Promises aside, let’s talk about what’s behind it. The team will work on Original soundtrack And NPCs with voices, which adds even more depth and realism to the gameplay. Of course, it doesn’t specify whether they’ll be using AI voice acting, which is very common in these kinds of large-scale projects with little or no budget, but also something that’s usually controversial.

Be that as it may, and despite how good it all sounds, Date of issue It remains secret, as the developers are still finalizing the details. Therefore, we can always keep abreast of mod news through the development team’s Discord channel and even participate, if we want and are able, in its refinement.

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