“It’s a game of life and death, let’s see if we’re right and pass.”

Imanol Alguacil hopes his Real Sociedad can regain their attacking success that he lost in the last matches because tomorrow he will be needed to beat Osasuna, as in the 1/8 finals of the Cup king, it will only cost victory.

Sadiq returned from Nigeria injured and it looked like he would be out, but he has been training and intends to play at El Sadar tomorrow. “It’s very easy to explain. It was the federation that decided to return the boy, although he had a great desire to play in the African Cup, but after receiving a blow and inflammation of his knee, they decided to return him. Come back here. Yesterday the tests were carried out, he came on the field, he was feeling good, today he trained normally, he told me that he was available and that’s why I switched him on.”

Odriozola and Carlos Fernandez are out, it is unknown for how long . “I’m not going to take any chances, Carlos, with knee discomfort day after day, because before I called, I talked to him and he had a very good feeling. And Alvaro has a typical fiber break. , it develops sooner or later.”

Andre Silva, who came to Bilbao but did not play, is now available. “The other day he didn’t go at all, but then he gained experience and I see that he is able to help a little more.”

We told you that in addition to Sadiq, Remiro is also recovering.. “Alex’s return is important, but I’m very happy with what I handed over to Unai. I loved the moment when he came forward and they finished us off because he didn’t do the right thing by showing how brave he was. Anyone else would have done it and stayed without leaving the gate. I think, “He took advantage of the opportunity. He showed in competition that pressure can’t get the better of him, and he showed what he’s like in training. He showed that there is a goalkeeper, that he is prepared.”

Osasuna and Real Madrid come to tomorrow’s match after two disappointments. “Anything can happen in parties. They lost, and so did we. I don’t know if they will repeat the defense with five, we are ready with four, I haven’t changed the drawing at the moment, but I can do it. In December we played: “In the League, what is happening now is a qualifier, so it is clear to both of us that this is a game of life and death, because whoever wins gets through and whoever doesn’t stays out.”

How do you think your Real Madrid team are doing after the derby? “How fresh or stale will depend on how you look at it. I’ll tell you a fact: in many variations we ran more than them, more than the team, which is physically superior. It’s not about the running, it’s about the intensity.” to be winners in fights, in some we were winners, but in the decisive ones they were. So at this level the team is doing well.”

He was told that what might be missing was football. “These are moments. They knew which players they had to stop, such as Barren, who is not as erratic as he was a month ago before his injury. That’s why I’m not worried, because we tried to do what we did a month ago. And there are little things that you don’t know about, and I can’t tell you, but they talk.

Jagoba Arrasate said he wanted to finally beat Imanol, who won the game. “Not at all. Some damn pitches you told me they were and we ended a bad streak. Every game is different, it will be difficult, let’s see if we are right and let’s take a draw.”

The Rojillos specialize in overtime work. “We’re not thinking about it, we didn’t have extra time against them, so I’m preparing to take the game to 90 minutes.”

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