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What is Apple Sports, the new iPhone sports tracking app, and how can you download it in Spain and other countries where it is not available

Even if I’m not a football fan like myself, I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to follow all the games, be it Real Madrid’s (sorry for the anti) or their opponents. That’s why power see live match scores This is something that always comes in handy when I’m not in front of the TV. There have been apps offering this functionality for a long time, and the latest is Apple Sports.

Apple is a simple app that stands out for what it offers results and statistics for several sports besides football. An application that, it must be said, is largely inspired by a concept published a year and a half ago, in which the designer Parker Ortolani I imagined an app like this when we didn’t even know Apple was going to launch it.

Everything Apple Sports offers and how it differs from other apps

As I explained in the introduction, Apple Sports is simply an application designed for… Live results of various sports such as basketball, football and hockey.. Apart from this, it also allows you to view rankings and other statistics.

Regarding football, unfortunately, it does not provide information on all competitions. There is no UEFA Champions Leaguefor example, although this happens in some of the most important domestic competitions.

Here are the competitions Apple Sports currently offers information on:


  • NBA (National Basketball Association – USA).
  • Women’s basketball NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – USA).
  • Men’s basketball NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – USA).


  • NHL (National Hockey League – USA).


  • Bundesliga (Germany).
  • La Liga (Spain).
  • Liga MX (Mexico).
  • Ligue 1 (France).
  • MLS (US Major League Soccer).
  • Premier League (UK).
  • Serie A (Italy).

Other sports (coming soon)

Likewise, Apple has confirmed that it will soon add more competitions and other sports, with these championships already confirmed:

  • MLB (Major League Baseball – Baseball – USA).
  • NCAAF (National Collegiate Athletic Association Football – American Football – USA).
  • NFL (National Football League – American Football – USA).
  • NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League – American Soccer – USA).
  • WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association – Basketball – USA).

How to download Apple Sports in Spain and other countries where it is not available

Don’t rush to open the App Store and run around looking for “Apple Sports” to download it. Not if you’ve run out Canada, USA and UK, as these are the only three territories in which the app is available. At least for now.

To download the application, you will have to resort to a number of techniques that, although not complicated, do require knowledge. Especially if you are not used to downloading applications that are not available in your region.

For this we must have an Apple ID in one of these countries, a VPN and change the iPhone region. I have to say that I usually didn’t need more than an Apple ID from another region to download an app from there, but in this case I had to have those three. So at the risk that it won’t work, I’ll explain how to get all three.

How to change your iPhone’s region

This is the easiest and fastest part of the process. Everything happens when you go Settings > General > Language and region > Region. There you must select “Canada”, “United States” or “UK”. In my case, I chose the United States, but you can also choose any of the other two countries. What is important is that the rest of the process follows this choice.

How to create a foreign Apple ID

While there are ways to do this from the iPhone settings, to avoid having to change your primary account, the best way is to create Apple ID from browser. To do this, you need to log into this Apple website.

You need to fill out a form with your details and select the region you selected earlier (Canada, USA or UK). At some point you will probably be asked for an exact address, but you can use any in the country. Don’t worry, no correspondence or anything like that will be sent to this address.

Additionally, you may also be asked to provide a payment method, which must also be from that region. You can completely ignore this part as it is only mandatory to make purchases or subscriptions if it is for Apple Sports.

How to activate VPN on iPhone

If you don’t know what a VPN is, in short, it is a type of connection that allows you to use the Internet as if you were browsing a website from another location. There are many VPN apps, some free, others paid. In this particular case, any one will suit you.

Once you download and open them, you’ll find yourself walking through their setup, giving you quick access to the iPhone settings you need to activate. The key point is that when connected to a VPN you select a server located in the same country that you selected earlier.

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Download Apple Sports and use the app

Since the iPhone region has changed, the Apple ID has been created and the VPN is working, it’s time Sign in to the App Store with your new Apple account.. To do this, you need to click on your photo, go down and click “Sign Out”, and then click “Sign In” by entering your new account credentials there.

Then you will need to search for “Apple Sports” to download it. You can also quickly find it using this link. The download will proceed as normal and you will need to open the app to set up Apple Sports. It’s in English, although as you’ll see, it’s easy to understand. You will be asked to add your favorite competitions and teams and that’s it.

application interface It is based on three tabs: “Yesterday” for matches played the day before, “Today” for today’s matches, and “Upcoming” for matches that are yet to come. If you click on each match, you can get more information about it. Likewise, at the top you can switch your view between your favorite teams (My Teams) and your favorite championships (My Leagues).

Besides, you can receive notifications in real time matches and even view them as “Live Action” in the notification bar. These are small banners that will show the minute of the match and the score in real time.

You can then “return” to your usual region on the iPhone.

After setting up Apple Sports, you can remove the VPN, change the region again, and use your regular Apple ID. The application will continue to work without problems. just like any other you have installed. The only downside is that when the update comes out, you’ll have to go to the App Store and sign in again with a new account to update it.

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