“It’s great to be able to enjoy the final in Bilbao”

Thousands and thousands of fans Barça players enjoy the hours before the final Women Champions which is held in San Mamés to visit the most tourist areas of the city and enjoy gastronomy. “It’s great to be able to enjoy the women’s football final in Bilbao,” said Ramon Fibla, a resident of Larapita province. DEIA from Tarragona. Ramon did not arrive in Bilbao alone.

He did this accompanied by almost 60 people from different Catalan cities. All with one goal: supporting women’s football.

Neighborhood of the “Cathedral” and Barcelona fan zone, Doña Casilda Parkclose to the countryside, about 5-10 minutes’ walk, these are the areas where the mass movement from Barcelona to the capital of Vizcaya is most noticeable, which it is estimated could reach 35,000 people.

Fan zone, production of DJs and artists, From the very morning it was filled with hundreds of Barça fans who had traveled from Catalonia and beyond for a magnificent day.

One of the emotional moments before the grand final was the glorification of the pioneers of the first championship team in the fan zone. Barca playing their first match in 1970.

Tourism and gastronomy

Olympique Lyonnais fans, although seen less often, also use the hours before the match to explore the city. Chloe Dubois and Camille Martin These are two friends who came by car from Lyon on Friday to enjoy a meeting in San Mamés: “Taking advantage of the meeting, we are going to spend a few days in Bilbao, Vitoria and then San Sebastian,” says Camilla Martin.

Over two days in the capital of Vizcaya they visited Guggenheim Museum and they even managed to climb Artchanda by cable car. “We got up early, but it’s worth it,” they said.

They won’t go out of town to see a meeting without first trying Basque cuisine and txakoli. “We are in love with wine and we would like to try different chakolis“, they explain.

Clean and well organized.

Barcelona fans They emphasized, among other things, the “atmosphere” and how “beautiful the city is.” “Everything is very clean, excellent organization”, They said. To ensure this, a waste treatment and disposal facility was launched to mark the occasion.

This particular operation consists of 57 people, four trucks to collect various types of waste, sweepers and sidewalk cleaners in three shifts on Saturday and Sunday mornings, by which time the operation will be completed.

They were included before 164 unusual containers and cubes different fractions to facilitate the separate collection of waste, 48 of them in the San Mamés area, to ensure the correct separation of glass and packaging.

To alleviate the stifling heat this Saturday in Bilbao, thermometers showed 13:00, 32 degrees– Fans of both teams have different bars with drinks and food, located both on the San Mamés promenade and in Doña Casilda. In addition, Bilbao hotel owners stocked their warehouses with drinks and food to meet demand from fans of both teams. ”

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