“It’s like photographic memory.”

  • Windows 11’s new flagship app for upcoming PCs, Copilot+, is a promising evolution of the traditional file manager.

  • AI allows us to record everything we do and then facilitate all types of searches.

The event, which Microsoft held today in front of a small group of media in the US, served to unveil its new and ambitious Copilot+ PCs, as well as to talk to us about what we can expect from artificial intelligence in Windows 11.

Among all these new products there is one special one: it is called Revokeand is a development of the traditional Windows Explorer. The ingredient that has revolutionized this app is artificial intelligence.

According to Microsoft, “It will be as if you have a photographic memory. in a way that comes naturally to you.” This component will only be available in new Copilot+ PCs with new chips that have sufficiently powerful neural processing units (NPUs).

Yusuf Medhi, who introduced this option, talked about how users often use all sorts of methods to set reminders. We write emails to ourselves, leave browser tabs open, or write notes to avoid getting lost. Let us remember that this is achieved through the use of artificial intelligence.

One Microsoft product manager, Carolina Hernandez, explained how “Remembering helps me solve problems.” She showed how, after searching for dresses on Pinterest, Recall reminded her how to find those dresses that she saw a few weeks later.

So Recall acts as a fantastic help for remember and restore what we have done and we searched in a simple way. The app makes associations between colors, images and other aspects of what it recognizes, and then we can use natural language to ask Recall about something. It’s like a powerful search engine for our activity on the PC.

In one example from the demo, Microsoft Recall was able to find the presentation and PowerPoint slide that we specifically wanted to edit. There’s even a timeline that allows you to move forward and backward in time to see what we were working on at each moment while editing the presentation.

The question, of course, is what privacy implications this tool has: where is all this data stored and what guarantee do we have that it won’t leak to Microsoft’s servers? According to Microsoft, “We built Recall with responsible AI in mind and aligned with our standards.”

Moreover, Microsoft emphasized: “The revocation will be private, local and secure and will be performed on the device.. “We will not use this information to train our AI models.”

To act as this photographic memory, Recall uses a semantic index to index all content and link it for future searches. Windows has been redesigned to take advantage of this type of functionality, Microsoft says, and the new Windows Copilot client uses up to 40 different AI models to power AI features like Recall in Windows 11.

These new features include some amazing ones, like the one Microsoft showed off while playing Minecraft: the new co-pilot was able to describe in real-time, in a synthetic voice, what the player was doing and provide additional information. Copilot+ computers will have options such as super resolution for restoring old photos, as well as an AI narrator that can describe photos, which is an interesting accessibility feature.

As it were, the star feature at the moment seems to be “Remember”and if it delivers on its promises, we’re looking at one of the most promising Windows options in years.

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