‘It’s not blowing and making bottles’

President of Salvador and candidate for immediate re-election by the Nuevas Ideas (NI) Party, Nayib Bukelepointed out that “it is not blowing and making bottles” at a time when Ecuador is in a state of exception and in an “internal armed conflict” declared by the President, Daniel Noboa,

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Bukele published his writings on social networks in a direct reaction to the situation the South American nation is experiencing.

Ecuadorian President Daniel Noboa issued A decree declaring the existence of internal armed conflict at the national level and ordering military forces to take action Dismantling twenty-two transnational organized crime groups that have been designated terrorist organizations and belligerent non-state actors.

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Starting Monday, Ecuador has entered a state of emergency for sixty days that includes a curfew during the night and early morning.

Bukele assured in a message on social networks in November 2022 “State of exception is a tool, not a magic wand” and “There is no use in approving a state of exception without a strategy against terrorists”,

He said on that occasion, “Governors must understand that problems are not solved by diktat, but by action.”

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Rulers must understand that problems are solved not by decree but by action.

El Salvador has been under an emergency rule since March 2022, an order given after a rise in murders caused by gangs and aimed at dealing with these criminal groups, also known as terrorists.

Under this measure, which has become the main security action of the Bukele government, more than 75,100 people have been arrested whom the government accuses of being gang members or associates and more than 7,000 of whom have been released on conditional release. Has been done

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However, Humanitarian organizations register more than 6,000 victims of ill-treatment, primarily from arbitrary detention, In addition to torture, warrantless searches and detention without communication with detainees.

In the context of this regime, the Prison Center for Terrorism (SECOT) was created in the Central American country, which Bukele listed as “the largest prison in Latin America”.

for its part, Daniel Noboa confirmed on 4 January that the next week the first stone would be laid for the construction of the prisons he had proposed during the election campaign. and noted that they would be similar to Mexico and El Salvador.

“They are prisons that will be ready in ten to eleven months. They will be the same, because it is the same company, under the same design, that built maximum security prisons in Mexico and built them in El Salvador.” Hinted in a radio interview broadcast by the Presidency.

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He said, in reference to El Salvador President Nayib Bukele, that for all “Bukele lovers”, it’s “same, same. If you want to go, walk, get to know it, stay a night, you can go, commit a crime. ,” he said as a joke amid laughter from the interviewers.


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