It’s official! Apple has announced the final launch date for Vision Pro

“Apple Vision Pro”, a mixed reality glasses and headset that offers users virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences, It will hit the US market on February 2, Apple said in a statement today.

The product will be sold both in the company’s physical stores and in its online store, for now only in the United States. and can be purchased in advance starting January 19th for a starting price of $3,499.

Hours after the announcement, Apple shares rose 1.20%, reversing last week’s poor results. when two financial institutions downgraded their securities due to weak sales of their new iPhone.

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The glasses and headphones come amid a revenue crisis for the company, whose sales fell for a fourth straight period in the latest fiscal quarter due to weaker sales in China amid an economic slowdown and increased business competition.

Apple Vision Pro will compete with other virtual reality offerings from rival companies such as Meta. which in the fall released a mixed reality device called Meta Quest, similar to the one the company with a bite of the apple will sell.

Apple Vision Pro technology lets you access apps by looking at them, touching them with your fingers, moving your wrist, or using the virtual keyboard to enter text. It also offers an immersive experience where the user can place themselves in landscapes, video games or movies.

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According to the company, users will also be able to view full-motion photos and videos that they previously took on their iPhone. On the other hand, when making video calls via Facetime and other applications such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.participants will appear life-size, and others in the conversation will be able to see their facial expressions and hand movements.

“Its revolutionary and magical user experience will change the way we communicate, create and explore,” Tim Cook, the company’s CEO, said in a statement.

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