It’s official! Keylor Navas is the new Nottingham Forest goalkeeper

The Tico arrives in search of prominence and will have it in a club that urgently needed a weight goalkeeper, after Henderson’s injury

Keylor Navas will embark on a new stage in his career having agreed to go on loan to Nottingham Forest for the remainder of the season.

After another market full of uncertainty about his future and his little activity within PSG, Nottingham Forest put all their interest in hiring an experienced goalkeeper like Keylor Navas, a deal that they finished closing on Tuesday.

Despite the fact that they had the go-ahead from the goalkeeper since the weekend, Nottingham Forest needed to have an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain, a fact that ended up happening a few hours after the transfer window closed in Europe.

“Nottingham Forest are pleased to announce the signing of Keylor Navas from Paris Saint-Germain. The goalkeeper has signed on loan for the remainder of the 2022-2023 season,” the club published on its website.

Finally, after much speculation and two markets in which his exit was sought, Navas has a new opportunity to show his worth and he will do so in the Premier League facing powers every week.

Nottingham Forest has two games scheduled for this week, the first is this Wednesday against Manchester United for the League Cup and the second will be on Sunday against Leeds for matchday 21 of the Premier, however, it is not yet known When can he debut?

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