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What does Bob whisper in young Charlotte’s ear at the end of Lost in Translation? This question has excited the world of cinema after 20 years of existence…

January 7 marks exactly 20 years since Lost in Translation was released in French. Sofia Coppola’s cult film is not only inscribed in cinema history – in the most important part of the Oscar Award for Best Original Scene – but is also a continuation of the fact that avoir laissed derrière lui un mystère qui, deux décennies plus tard, reste encore entier, phrase qu ‘internet tente encore de chiffrer: les mots d’adieu de Bob (Bill Murray) à la jeune Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson)…

Lost in translation, this is the story of Bob Harris, an actor in decline who I found in Tokyo for public tours, and Charlotte, a young woman who is Marie’s son in Japan during a traveling affair. Tous deux passent la plupart de leur temps seuls et c’est ainsi qu’ils rencontrent alors au bar de leur hôtel. There is not the same kind of understanding between us that I had in an inattentive friendship, and several more times I chose “plus for an encore” …

Pour your son a long meter, Sofia Coppola Inspired by his own child, following in the footsteps of his famous father, Francis Ford Coppola’s son, hotel within a hotel, and drawing equally from his own experiences in Japan, Lorskel waits 25 years to create this world in particular.

The scene that continues today from the honest conversation is the final meeting of the main characters at the end of the film. Alors qu’il est on the way to the airport, Bob noticed Charlotte on the street. If you don’t know what to do when you come back to life, you’ll abort your turn to meet again. Ilsfinissent par s’enlacer, and Bob muttered that he chose à l’oreille de Charlotte, who wants to be tete. Ce sont ces mots que les cinéphiles tenent encore de viner aujourd’hui.


Sachez-le, il etait prevu que Bill Murray improvise the final phrase comme il souhaitait – d’ailleurs, leur dernier baiser était is also improvisation. Au fil du temps, les suppositions sont multipliées et nombreux sont ceux qui pensent que l’acteur a chchoté:I must leave, but I will not allow myself to do this between us, by agreement?»

Lorska, this theory is été proposée à Scarlett Johansson For Yahoo, alors qu’elle faisait la promo d’Asteroid City of Wes Anderson l’an d’ernier, la maine interessée alors repondu en riant:Oh my God, celasemble assez profond. Probablement bien plus profond que ce qui a été réellelement dit!»

American Zoetrope

Another theory, most shared by internet users, is that Bob muttered, “This is true“OU”Dis-lui la verite“, referring to John, Giovanni Ribisi’s character, Charlotte’s wife, in the film. However, if you watch a YouTube video that is considered authentic, the phrase will be the same: “When John went on a business trip… va ir cet homme et dis-lui la verité. D’Accord?”, an option that corresponds to the reality of two people.


For the 15th anniversary of the film in 2018. Sofia Coppola Await also mentioned this secret in an interview with Little White Lies.

That’s why Bill complains about Scarlett, and he’s never destined to do anything like that. J’allais trouver quoi dire later et l’ajouter mais nous ne l’avons jamais fait. C’était entre eux, le simple fait de reconnaître que, what this week will mean that the quelque chose for eux deux and that cela les effectait de retourner dans leur vie. Les gens me demanding toujours ce qui se dit. I’m waiting for Bill’s answer: que c’est entre amants alors je vais en rester là.

I will feel that the riddle will never be solved in those moments when Bill Murray and etc. Scarlett Johansson ne revèlent un jour le secret. Sofia Coppola unfulfilled mission: for her, Lost in translation This is a south filmmisunderstanding between gender and lies“Who Speaks”from disconnection options and communication points” Bob and Charlotte are both cut off from the world and lying alone. Ce qui se passe entre eux n’appartient donc qu’à eux.

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